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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just Do It Already

Somewhere along the line I stopped losing weight "my" way.  I tried it this way, and that way, and then after messing around a while, tried it someone else's way.  Then I ultimately ended up doing it no one's way.

Hence, I am sitting right now exactly where I was in JANUARY of this year.  I am mad at myself.  Frustrated.  Very, very frustrated.  Disappointed.  I could be at goal (or darn close) right now if I stayed the course from the beginning.

But I didn't.  Instead, I'm yo-yo-ing.  Up and down 5-10 pounds constantly. Ugh.

To keep things in balance, I have done an awful lot in my life during this time.  My entire life is upside down and different, from the house I live in, to the state I live in, the job I have, and the fact I am still struggling with grief after losing my mom.  I no longer have a gym.  I no longer have a personal trainer. I sold all my own equipment and no longer have my in-home gym.  Those aren't excuses.  They are my reality.

Also, when I was losing successfully, I was not putting pressure on myself.  Some people thrive under pressure.  I am not one of them in personal matters.  Slow and steady wins my race.  One next right choice, followed by another.  Deliberately thinking out the choices, honoring them, until they become second nature.  Once I start doing everything all at once differently, I lose the plot.  Well EVERYTHING in my life is different now.  And I have lost the plot.  

So I'm going to regroup and reestablish what works....for me.   Getting it out of my brain and in writing is a huge and very important step:

  1. I am going to get my food weighed, measured and unsloppified.  (You like that word?)
  2. I am going to work out first thing in the morning, no matter what.  When I was going to Gold's Gym to meet the personal trainer it was at 5 am.  That meant up at 4:15 - 4:30 and leaving the house at 4:45 a.m.  I did it and after a few days fell into a nice groove with it.  I was in bed at a decent time and felt well rested all the time.  This is CRITICAL to me...keeping a schedule.
  3. Accountability.  I need some.  Right now I don't check in with any regularity and have no accountability.  So guess what?  You guys are now my new accountability.  Every day before I go to bed, at a very minimum, I am going to let you know how the day went.  
A group of folks at work are having a weight loss contest. I know, I know, I know.  Competitions have never worked for me.  I joined anyway and it starts next week.  It's a way to bond with my new coworkers, having fun with the smack talk and, most importantly, getting in the groove of talking about health and fitness with people.  I haven't really had that since moving here and I think it's important.

I know I can do this.  I have done it.  I just need to....just do it already!



  1. Here's to UNSLOPpIFIED!!! I have 6 months to lose 40 pounds...cuz I'm hittn' a Cruz with one of my Besties (and a couple of kids)...and I want to look good!!! I will propose some accountability for myself if you are up for it... :-)

  2. YAY! Get that vitamix out and let's get busy!!! :-))))))

    211 days to go.....the Western Caribbean won't know what hit 'em!

  3. What you have done is AMAZING! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work! You CAN do it!

  4. Your former discipline was amazing, but life did throw you some huge curves so don't beat yourself up over the past few months. You know and we know you have an amazing track record and what it takes to do it again. I'll be looking to you for inspiration!

  5. Omg yay! I'm SO glad to see a new post from you! <3

    You have NO idea how much of an inspiration you are to me. Your good times, and your down times.

    I just got diagnosed this past weekend with type 1 diabetes. . .so now I have no choice but to start taking better care of myself.

    Maybe I'll let you know how I'm doing once in awhile and we can motivate each other a bit? :D

    I SO believe in you Greatestest Aunty!!!

    (((((((((((((((((((((GREATESTEST AUNTY CARLY EVERER!)))))))))))))))))))))

  6. (((((Curtis))))) So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. What I know is that you are a fighter and you have proven that, in so many ways.

    You can make these good choices....let's do it!

    p.s. you should start blogging again, too. :-)

  7. Hi there, Carly! Great to hear you're getting on track—unsloppified food and all. (Is it OK if I steal that word, by the way? It's...surprisingly useful when you think about it, lol.) You yourself say that you don't thrive under pressure, and I think the struggles you've had with your weight reflect that. It's no secret that our stress and our health are intertwined, but people also forget that our stress and our health are, too.

    The key to permanent weight loss is to understand not only what you're eating, but why you're eating it. It's easy for us to get caught in bad habits like eating because we're stressed out, having a bad day, or bored. It's a way of filling our different human needs. I'd encourage you to take a look at the video in my link of Beverly, who lost 230 lbs. without any surgery or weight loss "magic bullets" aside from diet and exercise. In it, our different human needs are explained along with ways to become healthier. It's not that long, and you might find it to be pretty interesting.


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