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Friday, February 22, 2013

By George, I'm In Love!

I am in love....with..... George Foreman Jumbo Size Grill!

I used to own the old-school grill but it was a pain.  The grill plates didn't detach so you had to clean them while attached to the machine.  It was awkward, cumbersome, and depending on how bad your grilling technique, next to impossible to get clean.

Not long ago I saw this model on sale for $29.99.  It doesn't have the bells and whistles of adjustable temperature control and it is small (fits two large chicken breasts at one time, or 4 kebabs) but it's just the right size for me.

I went from being a grilling nightmare, to being a grilling dream overnight!  My new favorite is to buy flash frozen chicken breasts, take two out in the morning, throw them into a ziplog baggie with a marinade (Lighthouse Orange Citrus is my current addiction) and let them marinade and unthaw in the refrigerator during the day.

At night, I just plug in the machine for 8 minutes (they recommend this warm up time), toss the chicken on, close the lid, and a few minutes later (7-8) ... voila! Perfect chicken.  There is no turning them over because both sides cook simultaneously.

Clean up is a breeze, too.  The plates detach and can be washed. Yay!

A few of tips I have discovered:

  • If you spray a touch of Pam spray, clean up is easier.
  • If you get off the excess marinade, less stuff will stick to the cooking plates.
  • If you do have baked on crud, wet some paper towels, put them on the plates, close the lid and let the water steam off the set-in mess.
  • Dawn Power Dissolver  is a dream.  Spray a little on, wait a few minutes, wipe off anything burned or baked on. 
  • There is no timer, so set one yourself.  Overcooking happens quickly when the food is cooking on both sides at once.
  • Don't try to cook from frozen.  The outside overcooks while the inside undercooks.  Always unthaw your meat first.
  • If you try cooking meat and grilling veggies at the same time, you may need to remove the meat first while the veggies finish.
  • This works GREAT for panini.  Of course, I'm not eating the bread/carbs right now, but my son is and it's perfect for that.
  • Most of the fat drips out and down the slope.  Much better than grilling in a pan where the food hangs out in its own fat. :-)
This has been the best investment for my healthy eating plan.  It makes home cooking easy, fun, hassle-free, easy clean up, and FAST cooking.  I use it several times per week.  I use it for turkey burgers, veggie burgers, pork chops, steaks, chicken, salmon....anything you want to grill that is fairly flat (so all of it can be evenly touching the cooking plate.)

I don't get any kind of endorsement (I wish I did!)  I just really think this is a worthy investment in your healthy eating regime.  I may come back on another day and add some interesting recipes and marinade ideas.

Bon Appetit!

"I am fit, active, healthy, and enjoying life."

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