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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The 1 Pound Miracle!

Last week I had an "episode."  That's going to be my new name for "pigging out on anything and everything in sight all day long as if I didn't know a thing about nutrition, didn't care, and nothing oh nothing is going to stop me."  

Yeah, one of those.

And, not surprisingly, I gained a pound.

I don't know about you, but after a day of gluttony, I feel like this, look like this, and move like this:

My stomach is hard and pushed out, my sides feel bloated, and movement is labored, tiresome, and I no longer do things like taking the stairs at work or parking farther away.  Just a day or two of derailment and I just feel all around (grammar aside for a moment...) BAD. 

Starting May 1st I kicked back into gear and have been working out every day, eating cleanly, getting plenty of water and upping my vegetable intake.

On May 3rd, I was back down a pound.  One Pound.  One marvelous, miraculous, incredible, life-altering pound.

All of a sudden, I was "all that and a bag of chips."  

I walked with my shoulders back, a little strut in my step, and could feel my muscles tightening.  I could see a healthy glow in my skin and felt athletic, fit, and ready to go.  My cellulite began to instantly fade and, if I do say so myself, I was looking pretty damned good for a 47 year old.  Something like this:

Ahhhhh the mind is an amazingly powerful (and fickle) thing, isn't it?  It just shows that a large part of who we think we are is just that...THOUGHT.  And nothing else!  I am neither extreme and Lord knows ONE POUND surely doesn't tip it in one direction or another.

And yet.....if we make the next right choice...and eat clean, and exercise, and drink water.....our thoughts project more confidence, peace, energy and a more positive self image.  When we make the opposite choice, it has the opposite effect.

That tells me, one more time, to keep making the next RIGHT choice....because that's how I get a happier, better life!

And I can do it one miracle pound at a time.  :-)

I work out and eat clean because it makes me HAPPY!


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    I found your pound!! And a couple of others as well, I wont tell you where. You are so right about how the choices you make regarding eating, exercising, being healthy, or not, will affect how you feel. Glad to hear you are working out again, it does make a difference, its just a shame that for me it takes so long to kick in!! Missed your blog over the last few weeks, nice to have you back. D

  2. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    Apparently I have been having "episodes" as well.....bad attitudes towards stuff leads to boredom/comfort eating and depression lazyness... I have to get off my thanks for the encouragement and have such a healthy and balanced viewpoint.

    I love you.....


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