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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


From August through October the biggest problem I faced was a complete lack of motivation. I lost focus after the family and high school reunions and didn't really have any big goals to focus on.

In turn, I slowly stopped exercising, stopped blogging, got incredibly messy with my food choices, and started to get depressed.    Slipping off into isolation made it worse. A little cause-and-effect action there? Yeah, I'd say so.

So now it appears that I have my mojo back.  I want to stop and look at what it took to get it back, and think about how I'm going to KEEP it going.

To get back on track, I had to admit how bad it was.  I had to come to grips with the reality that not only had I not lost a single pound since June, I had actually gained 18 pounds.  (That's right, 18.)  That hurt.  Even as I looked at the scale, I kept saying "wow, I gained a couple of pounds."  I didn't do the math.  It was 18 pounds.

Then I had to forgive myself and say it's okay, at least it wasn't like previous attempts where I'd fall off the program and keep on gaining until I'd gained it all back and then some.  I caught it in time for it to just be a slip and not a full blown relapse into the old patterns.  (This forgiving myself and accepting that life happens is HUGE in overcoming a roadblock.  Remembering I can hop back on track at any point of any day and leave the past behind me is critical.  I can't move freely into tomorrow if I'm trying to drag yesterday in with me!)

Next, I had to end the isolation.  One fact of my life is that I lack the motivation to consistently push myself physically without some sort of accountability.   Blogging helps tremendously.  Putting this all out there publicly most certainly keeps me accountable to someone besides myself.

I got a trainer - someone knowledgeable who can make sure I work out all the muscle groups and not just the parts that feel good, that I like best, or where I'm strongest.  This is someone who's going to say, "keep going, you have one more minute" when I feel like saying "that's ALL I can do."  This is someone who says, "You can do one more" when I say I want to quit.  And I'm just stubborn enough to prove him right.  :-)

I got a workout partner.  I meet my friend at the gym on trainer days and we work out for 30 minutes before I meet with the trainer (so far I'm doing some cardio and warmups during that time.)  Then on days when I don't meet with the trainer, we meet either at the gym or at my home to work abs, core, and practice techniques.

These things so far have picked me back up and got me moving again.

What's going to KEEP me going forward and motivated?  Here are some thoughts, let's see how they pan out:

  1. Focus on how far I've come, not how far I have to go.  There's still a long journey ahead and that gets so flipping depressing sometimes.  If I instead look at where I started in this journey, and all I have overcome to get where I am, I get a little energized to help tackle today.
  2. Focus on today.  I don't have to worry about all of this week, next week, next month.  If I do the "next right choice" JUST for today (am I doing cardio? weights? toning?  Ok...then just do it) it's easily managed.
  3. Find a goal and reward system that works.  On weight watchers they give silly little stars on your profile when you lose 5 lbs. or reach some other preset milestone.  That doesn't motivate me.  Buying myself a new outfit when I reach a new size down DOES motivate me.  Thinking about losing another dress size motivates me.  And thinking about seeing folks next spring when I'm unrecognizable motivates me.  So I need to make travel plans for the spring and show off what will be the new me, right?  I think I'm going to start Googling for where I shall travel next year.  That will motivate me.
  4. Music motivates me.  I need to create good playlists to take with me to the gym.  While I LOVE my Avett Brothers, I need new playlists that keep it fresh and can be changed depending on types of workouts or the mood I'm in.  That will give me something to work on when I'm not at the gym, but still thinking about my good choices.  And to say I love music is an understatement.  Discovering new bands is a favorite pastime!
  5. "Just Do It."  Nike got it right.  No matter what, I need to JUST. Do. It.  I have never left the gym or gotten off the treadmill saying "man, I wish I didn't work out today."  Duh.  I ALWAYS am glad I did it and (and this is the most important part) I LOVE HOW I FEEL WHEN I DO IT.  I have to focus on the fact that "Just Doing It" FEELS BETTER than not doing it!
So I'm going to tag this post with "Motivation" and come find it when I'm lacking motivation.  I have to tell you, my trainer keeps trying to motivate me saying "Just think of the bikini this summer."  LOL It makes me laugh on the inside.  I'm 45 and have never worn a bikini, have no desire to wear one, and am pretty sure no one else would want me to. 

 I'll need to work with him to come up without something that is truly motivating.  Something like... "Think of the CRUISE you're going to treat yourself with when you reach your goal......"



  1. ..the LOVE BOAT..soon will be mAking aNother ruuunnnn...

  2. LOL Am I Julie McCoy, Doc, or just one of the lucky guests who will fall madly deeply in love for 60 minutes during the show? ;-)

  3. I <3's you so much Carly!

    I struggle with motivation myself. When I'm motivated, I'm unstoppable...unfortanetly i have a real difficult time holding onto my motivation for long periods of time.

    I really like your idea of focusing on what you've already accomplished. It's too easy to get caught up in everything you haven't.

    And if it makes you feel any better...I'm 28 and I've never worn a bikini either!

    Oh and about the music!
    What kind of mp3 player do you use?
    If you have a smart phone you can download a program called pandora onto type in an artist's name, or the name of a song and pandora starts streaming music from the artists and other similar artists.
    I LOVE pandora when I start getting tired of my songs. Makes a great way of discovering new songs and artists you'll like too.

    ((((((((((((((GREAT AUNTY CARLY))))))))))))))

    --Twitch (492 days smoke free and counting!)

    It's waaaaaaay too early to be awake! Haha

  4. p.p.s.s.

    I just gotta do it again!!

    ((((((((((((((GREAT AUNTY CARLY))))))))))))))

    Oh boy that's fun!
    The 'great' makes it mean so much more!
    Great aunt because you're OBVIOUSLY far too old to be just a regular aunt of mine!
    And great because you're just that! GREAT!

    ((((((((((((((GREAT AUNTY CARLY))))))))))))))

    Hope you have a good day!


    ((((((((((((((GREAT AUNTY CARLY))))))))))))))

    Hehe :P

  5. Twitchell! Once again you make my day by just being your awesome self. :-)

    Let's keep each other motivated and setting (and reaching) goals.

    I am coming to believe that it is the setting and then striving toward goals that makes life so much fun!

    *hugs to you*

    ~GREAT Aunt Carly lol (you crack me up)

    p.s. Pandora's okay. I used to love until it got bought out by Apple. Now I use and also just learning about spotify as well. Music rocks!

  6. Love Love Love this! Love to see you back on have done such an amazing job so far...I can't wait to see how it all falls into place for you! Besides, you also motivate ME when I read this blog.


  7. Oh dear.
    See what you gone and made me do Great Aunty?
    You made me go and post a new entry on my blog. I haven't touched that blog since mid february! haha

    Thinking about maybe trying to start the blog back up. . .so many positive changes going on in my life. Might be nice to have a place to keep track of it all (and to keep me motivated).

    I also agree with Kath above me! Reading your blog inspires me (I've get your posts through my e-mail! hehe).

    ((((((((((((((Great Aunty Carly))))))))))))))

  8. I showed this to my trainer tonight and he said, "Oh....a Cruise, eh? So...a bikini ON a cruise!" hahahaha Now I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't actually MAKE THAT A GOAL? Nahhhhhhhhhh.


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