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Saturday, March 10, 2012

90 Pounds Down!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away......

Wait a minute.  This is no fairy tale and I'm no Cinderella.  There was no wicked stepmother and no mean stepsisters.  No pumpkin, no carriage, no mice, no horses and no glass slippers.

But there was a woman who decided that enough life had passed her by....enough pain had coursed through her veins.....and she'd had enough of putting her dreams on hold....hoping that "someday" she'd become the person she wanted to be.

That was me on November 1, 2009, when I smoked my last cigarette and decided it was time to let go of the crutches and start walking on my own.  It was the hardest thing I had ever done and I gained 40 pounds in one year after quitting.  I learned through that experience that I was capable of anything I set my mind to do, and in December of 2010, I decided the next thing to tackle would be my lifelong battle with weight.

It's taken 15 months so far, but I have now lost 90 pounds.  From August until the end of November I actually gained 20 pounds back, so I have technically lost 110 pounds in these 15 months.  Holy cow.  I am amazed and excited.

I have still a long way to go.  I started this journey at 320 pounds.  I am at 230.  I don't even know what my ultimate weight will be.  I'm moving into completely unknown territory.  Once when I was 19 I weighed 165 and went down to a size 12.  That lasted about 3 weeks and I climbed back to 185 and held steady there for 3 years without too much trouble.  I am keeping 180 as my possible goal, so that's still 50 pounds to go.  

For most of you, 50 pounds would seem so daunting.  It might have felt that way to me, too, but after tackling 90 pounds already, I feel very confident that this is truly my new way of life (eating healthy and working out) and I will get there.  I am not in a race.  I am not competing with anyone.  I am just living life and enjoying the process.

My life has taken many twists and turns, and there are still many more surprises ahead of me.  But I'm pausing this weekend and celebrating my milestone.  By the end of April I will have lost 100 pounds.  Wow.  

You know, the time is going to pass whether you make positive changes or not.  Don't find yourself a year from now regretting that you didn't get started.  There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you are caring for yourself in a way that shows self respect and self love.  It changes everything.  :-)


  1. Omg Carly, you are such a hero!

    I'd say something like "I can't believe you've lost 90 pounds! That's amazing!!"....
    But I'd be lying to the both of us if I said something like that.
    Truth is...I CAN believe it!
    I've been lucky to see how beautiful and amazing you can be through this blog you keep and else where online.
    I've seen you go through some exhillerating highs, and some devestating lows.
    Yet here you are...90 pounds lighter and I CAN believe it!

    Know what the bestest thing in the whole world is about losing weight?
    E-(((HUGS)))! hehehe
    Now we can hugs you even tighter!!!

    (((((((((((((((((((((GREATEST Aunty Carly)))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Once again you made my day, Twitch. You put a smile on my face like no other, my friend. Too bad you're not coming to DC this month... :-)

    Get thinking about what to say when I hit the big 1-0-0. It's-a-coming!!!!

  3. Carly,

    You're my hero, and my motivation (both in keeping my quit, and my new weight loss journey)!!!

    Regardless of weight, you are beautiful.....



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