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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Biggest Loser, Office Style

I signed up last week for the Biggest Loser Contest at work.

It starts every year in January and runs 12 weeks.

This 'lil competition is just one more level of accountability, and another reason to keep making good choices!   Here's what I am doing to maintain focus.

If I start the morning with even a quick blog it means I am thinking about my goals and how to get there.

Weight Watchers Online
I switched from to the weight watchers online tracker.  I will blog soon about why, but it is totally working for me already.  And tracking every morsel, lick, nibble and taste is key.

Weight Watchers meetings
They started Wednesday meetings at work, and while I honestly don't think I need it there are a few reasons to go:

  • I can meet other like-minded people. 
  • I have a weekly weigh-in that someone besides Carly is going to see. 
  • I will certainly learn something from the leader I didn't know.
  • I have a friend who told me about it and I love the idea of sharing tips, tricks, ideas and recipes, etc. with her. 
  • And I just thought of a new idea, too.  Make a totally WW dinner and invite her over.  I can even tell her in advance how many points to save.  Ha!

Google Calendar
I made a detailed calendar that outlines the plan, right down to which days and when to exercise, when to get groceries and prep for the week, etc.  Seeing this in black and white (with reminders!) helps.

Water, Water and More Water
I have started to make gourmet flavored waters (yup, another blog post for this week..stay tuned).  It helps me want to drink it! And I know drinking water helps tremendously with all aspects of my health.

Working out
I'm not killing myself with a trainer, a bunch of weight training, P90X etc. .... yet.  I am back on the treadmill, doing lunges, squats, some planking and getting my body used to being used again.  I'll step it up when I feel I need to step it up. Right now this is working.

Last year I lost 29 pounds during the competition.  I gained some back, and then lost it again by the end of 2013 for a net loss last year of 36 pounds (for all of 2013) At least it was a loss and not a gain!

I am setting a goal of losing 36 pounds just during this competition. I really believe I can do it.  I'll keep you posted!

.....Begin with the end in mind.  And as always, if you like my blog, please share it!

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