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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, Renewed Focus

Consistency.  My focus for 2014

  • I will post this year.  

  • I will post regularly this year.

  • I will post something, no matter what.

  • I will post because it starts the day with the right focus.

  • I will post because it keeps me accountable.

  • I will post because even when I'm a disaster, a trainwreck, a mess.... it helps me lighten up and accept that I am human (and That's OKAY!)

  • And I will post because sharing the journey helps ME as much and likely way more than it helps anyone who reads.

I had a "get off your butt and do it" moment I blogged about: Walking the Talk, 1 year ago

That lasted a week.

I am 48.  I WILL be at goal, healthy, toned, and fabulous by 50. I am going to create a roadmap and share it in the next week.

How many times have I said failing to plan is planning to fail?  I need to plan to SUCCEED.

I am close to my all time low weight right now (down about 80 pounds; my all time blogged low was when I was down 90).  I am refocusing this year and throwing myself into it like I did when I started this blog:

January 1, 2011: First Day of The New Me

I may struggle with consistency, but this is the first time in my life I have maintained somewhat focus on fitness for THREE WHOLE YEARS without going back to (and exceeding) my start weight!!!!  I am going to call that a success!

I am going to blog this year about ALL the factors that affect my journey.  The weight loss, the fitness and exercise, the food, the organizational challenges (ADHD), the mental aspects (depression, the committee in my head that wants to sabotage me), the emotional challenges (loneliness, easily frustrated with myself, etc.), and anything else that pops up.

And I am going to do this with some degree of consistency.  THAT is my MAIN goal for 2014.


  1. Awesome Carly!!! I love to read your blog, it's always helpful and inspirational in my own life!!

    1. Hey Mark! I love when you stop in and say hey. :-) I always appreciate the encouragement...we're all in this together, right?

  2. I've been back to posting most every day and it's amazing how much more focused and engaged it makes me. Good luck with staying on track!

    1. Thanks! You are so right...and I need that focus. It's so easy to lose the plot! Have a great day and your blog. Always makes me smile!

  3. Love your Blog! And I need to get cracking on mine! Happy 2014 with lots of next rights.

    1. Happy 2014 to you, too, Annie! :-)

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