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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gadgetry Round-up

I love kitchen gadgetry! 
Here are my 3 top finds of 2013.

There's a store in Gatlinburg, TN called "All Sauced Up" that has the coolest little kitchen gadgets. I always find a little something there to take home with me, but the ones I found by Chef'n last year were the best.

The first one is a Chef'n Palm Peeler. You slide your middle finger into it and then peel away. Perfect for cucumbers, apples, etc. The blade never gets dull. I use mine almost daily (for the past year) and it is amazing!  

I can remember when I lived at dad would get so annoyed with my mom and with me for peeling potatoes with a knife and taking off half the potato with each pass! ("You're wasting half the potato for crying out loud!" lol So true!) Not so with this little beauty!  

I eat cucumbers almost every day. They are always so waxy and even washing them I can never get all the wax off. This just skims the peel off without wasting any of the cuke. I even successfully peeled a butternut squash! It took the first pass off effortlessly and then I just went back for another skim and voila!  Perfection!) 

I don't get any cut of any sales - but you NEED one! At $6.99 how can you go wrong? Chef'n Palm Peeler (order from All Sauced Up). (I am sure you can find it on Amazon also.)

Next up?  

Chef’n SleekStor Pinch Pour Collapsible Measuring Cups (silicone) with matching "bonus" measuring spoons.

They will fit in any drawer, you can measure hot or cold ingredients, and they don't stain - not even when measuring out spaghetti sauce (and we are tracking and measuring our food, right? Right????)  

They are a little pricey at $21.99 maybe, but not having to fight the $%^$! drawer to stuff them in and out is worth it to me!  Chef'n Pinch Pour Measuring Cup Set (order from All Sauced Up)

And the last "favorite" from this past year is the Chef'n Palm Vegetable Brush.

It works perfectly on all vegetables and doesn't slip out of your hand.  Brilliant!

I can no longer find it at All Sauced Up, but did find it on Amazon for $6.99: Chef'n Palm Brush (order from amazon)

I long for the day when I can have a fully functional, gourmet kitchen again. I had that once, but I divorced it many years ago. (I really miss that kitchen!)

But even in my tiny galley kitchen, I can enjoy the whole cooking process a lot more when I find these little gems that make life so much easier.

What are your favorite gadgets? What can't you live without?  Let us know!

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