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Thursday, January 19, 2012

80 Pounds Shed

What does 80 pounds look like?  How's this:

That right there is 80 pounds in the form of eight 10-pound bags of potatoes.  That's how much weight I have lost as of this morning.

Can you imagine strapping a bag on each foot, a bag on each thigh, a bag on each arm, and one on either shoulder, then going about your daily business - like walking up and down stairs to do laundry, walking across a parking lot to do grocery shopping, then coming back and lifting the groceries to bring them into the house etc.?

I can hardly imagine it, either.  Except:  (1) That's exactly what I was doing...hoisting all that weight around and trying to function normally (no wonder I was always tired!) and (2) I still have 60 pounds+ to go.  So I have another extra 6 of those flopping around even as I type this!  Yikes!

Anyway, I'm pretty freaking proud of myself.  I stalled out for a solid 3 months (maybe 4?) last year, but I'm back on track and moving right along again.

I have decided to reward myself in this stretch of weight loss (from here until I reach 200 pounds.)  Every time I lose 5 pounds, I am treating myself to a flavored [skinny version] of a Starbucks coffee.  Later today when I take a break from working, I'm heading over for a Peppermint Mocha while it's still available.  Mmmmmmmm.  Success tastes REALLY good!


  1. Wow! Thats alot of shed baggage!
    I tried one of those peppermint mocha's,,,oh my,,,Yummmy!!!
    BTW - I have been inspired in part by you, and my waist line. I joined the Y and have participated in 2 Zumba classes so far this week- eeks! And watching what you eat isnt half as tough as it appears. Well, not when you have multiple boxes of special k stocked up. Thought of you this a.m. - feel like i'm eating nonstop, yet much fewer calories.
    Hope I can stick with this and have the fortitude as you do!
    kssy x0x

  2. Wow, Carly!
    Just finished watching all your photos and what an amazing journey you have been on!!! You've been encouraging me all this time and I had no idea how much you could really relate to my lifestyle! I am so proud at what you have achieved! I'm in total awe, right now! Even when you were a big girl you looked like a lot of fun, just like me!! You have gone from "fluffy and fun" to "smiling and sexy"! From now on, when I see you encouraging me...Im going to be listening better, cause it's so hard for people to understand the REAL STRUGGLE, we go through! My husband gets mad about the house, he weighs a whopping 165 @6ft 1 and I have often told him to imagine duct taping on bags of potatoes, just like you said until his weight is doubled! Keep posting your blogs...I'll be following you and learning every step of the way with you as a mentor! How does that make you feel? You are someone that I, and others I'm sure...will aspire to be like!! You're AMAZING!! I'm glad Susie hooked us up! Congratulations, Carly...WOW, just stunning! big, giant, hugs to you and tons of admiration! From your FB friend...Brenda Gross

  3. So proud and happy for you :)

  4. Da**, Impressed is the adjective I have to use, but it just doesn't convey the jaw-in-my-lap, awestruck-expression-on-my-face feeling I have for you right now.

    I'm sooo proud of you.........sooooo proud.......holy crap...

    ...sooo proud.

  5. From 320 to 240?!?!? Amazing! You are an inspriation for sure. I enjoy reading your blog. Sometimes you have me laughing out loud in my cubicle =) Someday I hope to be able to buy your book, you know, the one that tells your whole story.


  6. So Proud of you my friend..

    Aurora, CO

  7. another "fun" way to see the weight you've lost is go to Walmart or Sam's and get a shopping cart. Go to the dairy section and grab those 5lb tubs of fake butter and put one in your cart for every 5lbs off fat you've lost... @_@ boggles... GREAT WORK btw, your journey is inspiring!


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