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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Goals

I started this blog at the end of 2010, and officially began the "Year of Me: 2011" January 1, 2011.  January 3rd was my first day with a personal trainer, and I have pretty much blogged about everything between then and now.

What a difference a year makes.

On December 31, 2011 I went to Kohl's to shop for jeans.  You see, it's been decades since I could buy clothes in a "real" store.  The only stores I could really shop in were stores like "Fashion Bug Plus", The Avenue, and Lane Bryant.  Heck, even Dress Barn only goes to size 24, so until this year I couldn't shop there.  I actually asked a friend where people go to get their clothes!  How am I supposed to know where "normal" people shop these days?

  • I went to Kohl's, and bought a couple of size 18 jeans.  I also bought a pair of XL shorts!  Understand, I started this journey at a size 30/32!  
  • I began "The Year of Me:2011" at 320 pounds.  After some fluctuations (I gained weight back in the fall then lost it again) I am at 244.  That looks like 76 pounds to me (except it's really 94 pounds because of the 18 pounds I gained then re-lost!)  Still...a net loss of 76 pounds?  In one year?  I'd call that a success!
  • I have had major dental work done (still more to go; waiting to afford it.)
  • I have had laser hair removal in a couple of places and it was worth every penny!
  • I started getting my hair highlighted and/or colored.  My hair isn't very gray, but it just adds to that "polished" feeling.
  • I started wearing dresses and skirts.  I didn't wear skirts for decades.  I am back to loving them again and allowing myself the gift of celebrating my femininity.
  • I started going to the gym and have been doing so faithfully.  

So I rang out 2011 with quite a list of accomplishments, and I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty darned proud!

How did I start 2012 yesterday?

Just as committed as ever!

  • Yesterday I went to my first 5k.  They had options and there was a 6k route that was supposed to be prettier, so I chose that one instead.  It took 90 minutes walking at a very slow pace (thanks, son) but the fact is, I started, I did it, and I have a benchmark from which I will keep getting better until I can RUN a 5k.  
  • I started a workout log.  I am going to keep track of all my workouts, how long, how much weight, how many reps, what was the point of failure, etc. so I can track PROGRESS.  I want gains, and I want to measure results.  I am also going to track cardio to make sure I push myself.
  • I have a short term aggressive (but achievable) goal.  It's called "44 in 4".  I'm 244 and want to reach 200 pounds more than anything.  I haven't weighed that since the 1980's.  My goal is to reach 200 lbs. by April 30, 2012.  That's 44 pounds in 4 months, or 11 pounds per month, or 2.58 pounds per week.  I am going all out to try to reach it.
  • I joined an online workout club that seems very supportive.
  • I signed up for a Gold's Gym 2012 Fitness Challenge.  I bought shorts so I can go in and get a before pic in shorts and a sports bra (dear God, am I really doing that?)  And I am going to kick butt for 12 weeks.  I want to win in the 40-49 women's local category.  Hey, someone's got to win!  It will be in overall improvement (weight, shape, composition, plus an essay.)  Wish me luck. :)
2011 was the Year of Me.  And I think I did a pretty good job getting myself to "here."

2012 is going to be the year I really reach my fitness goals, achieve my goal weight, and set some other lofty goals (to be announced in the future).

The process, of setting goals, planning for them, and then remaining an amazing feeling.  It builds something inside that no one can take away.  The sense of accomplishment and belief in my abilities is hard to describe to someone who doesn't set goals and then work so hard to achieve them.  But if you do, you'll get this:

"What you get by achieving your goals
 is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
~Zig Ziglar

Happy New Year, my friends.  Figure out what you want this year and then don't just "resolve" to achieve it.  PLAN to achieve it.  Set mini goals to achieve it.  Then get off your butt...and achieve it!   :-)



  1. Oh wow!

    Congrats on the awesome is it that you got your son to do it too? :D good for him!


    You're going to kick butt at the fitness competition :D!

  2. Wow, oh wow to so many things in your post. From shopping at Kohls to laser hair removel to feeling pretty in a skirt to a frickin' 6K, really!?!? What you have done in one year is truly amazing!


    P.S. And you look amazing too =)


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