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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Well, just planes.

My son is off school until January 3rd, so I am doing what any loving, warm, caring single mother would do.  Shipping him off to my parents for the majority of the vacation!  YEEHAW!  Party at Carly's!    I will miss him and eagerly await his return.

Seriously?  No one on this planet loves him as much as I do, except my parents.  Their bond with him is magical as he spends a few weeks there every summer and we are so blessed to have a close family.

So now I have flying on the brain.  I bet I'm the only person you know who owns her very own seat buckle extension.  You know the one they use to demonstrate how to buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt (if you don't know how to do that, we have much bigger problems than you think.)  Anyway, I stole one from Air Tran and every time I fly I bring it "in case."

AirTran buckles don't fit Southwest seats.
Just thought you should know.

Some trips I have been down on the scale and upon arriving at my seat have a little victory party.  Some trips (and airlines) I have had to squash in and suck it up and buckle it to a point of near bruising, but by God, it fit!  And other years/times I lost the battle entirely and had to resort to the extra extension.  I stole my own because there's nothing quite so humiliating as having to ask the flight attendant for one, having her bring it back once everyone is already seated and listening, and saying out loud "Here is your extension."

One time I was sitting beside a businessman who looked pretty annoyed that he had to sit beside me.  The little arm between us had gone up and apparently a little, um, tummy "overflow" ran over to that spot. When he went to lower the arm, it landed on top of me.  I said, "oh, pardon me" and started to move to adjust.  And he proceeded to SLAM the arm down, with a shove and a hearty heave ho, which pinched a good chunk of me in between and caused tears to flow it hurt so bad.  Okay.  Maybe that was more humiliating than the flight attendant.

Anyway, I am not sure when in 2011 I will be flying, but I do travel quite a bit so it will be coming up.  And we're going to celebrate together.....k?


  1. Funny -- just yesterday I asked for an extender for the first time. The trick is to ask the person at the gate. I did both legs of the roundtrip -- Delta and American -- they were very polite and discreet about it -- the extender just turned up already fastened to my seat belt! And it made for very comfortable flying!

  2. That must be the difference between low brow (Air Tran) and Delta / American. You get more manners with the higher airfare. And a little more dignity! That's great to know!!!!


  3. It also makes all the difference in the world to assume the role of "business traveler" -- business attire, traveling alone, business travel carry-ons. Then they kiss your butt!


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