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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quitting Smoking Pays!

I won a Haiku contest at for their annual Great American Smokeout Contest.  WOOHOO!

My prize is a premium paid membership for life.  At $100 per year membership, that's pretty darned good!  On there are a ton of tools to quit smoking and I used most of them:  chat, forums / discussion boards, individual clubs based on shared interests, and expert advice areas.  (I'll post later about the whole quitting smoking experience, but it's in part responsible for a major weight gain! lol)

There are a few important "takeaways" or things I'd like to share from today's news.

1. You can't win if you sit out life's contests!  Get in the game and play!

2. Quitting smoking can be FUN!

3. There are a lot of great people in life who would love to support you in achieving your goals.  But you have to put yourself out there a little and let them know you are trying and need support.  I did and have now met some amazing friends - just because I said, "I need help."

What a nice day today is shaping up to be.  Oh, and a 3 hour early dismissal from work rocks!!!

*Huge hugs*


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