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Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet My Personal Trainer!

Meet Nina, my personal trainer!

Cruella deVille, the Battle-Ax, the Drill matter what I call her, she doesn't blink an eye or miss a beat!  "C'mon, Carly, 11....12.....13.....c'mon!"  I once called her the "B" word (it slipped out accidentally) and she just chuckled and said "I've been called worse."  :-)

I adore Nina.  She doesn't judge.  She sees in me abilities I don't see in myself.  She'll have me add leg weights and I just look at her like she's freaking crazy.  "I can't DO that!!!!!" I'll say.  "Yes, you can," she'll calmly reply while slapping these torturous devices to my ankles,  I'll get so mad at her for not understanding, and pour all that angry energy into the move, and by golly, I end up being able to do it, just like she said!

The thing is, I'm going to lose weight with or without a personal trainer.  That is a fact.  Nothing is going to shake me from my goals.

But I lack the motivation to push myself, despite my best intentions or deepest desires.  I'll hit the treadmill for 30-45 minutes, no problem.  I'll ride bikes with my son for two hours, without hesitation.  But I can't seem to do more than one rep of 15 of anything on my own for the weight training.  I need someone here saying DO IT NOW ya lazy lump!  :-)

I want TONED and DEFINED muscles as I am losing this weight.  I want STRENGTH.  I want BALANCE.  Sure, I can lose weight, but I want to end up shapely and curvy in all the right places!  That's why I need Nina....she pushes because she knows the goals and wants to help me get there!

If you are anywhere in the Baltimore area and are interested in a good, affordable personal trainer who can COME TO YOU....shoot me an email and I will pass on your contact information.  You'll be surprised at the results.  In 4 months I've lost 4 full dress sizes and frankly, the clothes I bought 3 weeks ago are loose, so almost 5 dress sizes!

Nina isn't losing the weight for me, or doing the work for me.  She provides information, techniques and motivation to keep me steadily working toward my goals.


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  1. There's nothing more fulfilling than staying healthy! Endless workout will not help you reach your goal, but rather will just tire your body. That's where personal trainers come in to motivate you. Their words of encouragement will make you feel better and push you towards healthy living.

    -Derrick Washington @ PersonalTrainingHudson


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