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Sunday, May 1, 2011

18 Months Ago I Quit Smoking Don't Quit Aone

Here are my statistics from this morning: 

545 days, 10 hours, 27 minutes and 18 seconds smoke free. (that's 18 months.)

18,000 cigarettes not smoked.

$6,621.61 and 4 months, 17 days, 11 hours of your life saved.

Your quit date: 11/1/2009 9:00:00 PM 

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I have smoked regularly since age 11.  By the time I quit I was up to 1-2 packs per day depending on the day.

After I quit, I gained 40 pounds.  I was already so big, it was demoralizing and discouraging on one hand.  On the other hand, I was completely energized by the fact that I was able to actually quit smoking.  It was hard, I had to learn to have a little patience, I had to learn to sit with my feelings, and I had to learn to live life without turning to nicotine to ease my emotions or fill up my loneliness.

But what I learned the most was that I am capable of way more than I knew.  I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to do. I learned that I am stronger than I knew.  And that doing the hard work to reach a goal really is its own reward.

Quitting smoking set me on a new path in my life.  It really did.  I can breathe so much better and can move so much more freely.  I can exercise now and not get winded.  I can walk, jog, ride a bike....and not feel like I'm going to pass out from a lack of oxygen.

But most of all, I now know that I don't have to be a slave to my past.  There was a prison, and I was locked inside it for decades, but I always held the key.  I just either didn't know it, or was afraid to use it.  Well, I'm using it now, and unlocking a future far better than I knew I could have.  One of true freedom.


  1. Although you gained so much weight after quitting, at least you became healthier and you still managed to lose some weight. This experience made you so much better, so just continue with it girl!

  2. Carly you are such an inspiration. I've followed your journey over the last 3 years on The Q. Thanks for putting it all out there and giving me hope :)


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