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Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeding Frenzy

So I under-ate a bit last night with a "salad on the run" from Wendy's for dinner and found myself pretty hungry when I got home from my son's baseball game. He helped himself to a small helping of ice cream (I do still buy it once in a while, mostly for him.) I didn't want ice cream.

I felt like I wanted protein, so I had a single serving of cottage cheese. That only seemed to make me hungrier almost immediately, so I went and got string cheese.  Moments later I was in the kitchen folding a couple of tablespoons of fat free cool whip into an orange non-fat yogurt. It was like a creamsicle, only healthier. But if felt pretty decadent.

Afterwards my stomach felt a little too full. A bit uncomfortable. And I felt guilty. Like I'd made hella bad choices.

When looking at it objectively, I had three non or low fat dairy choices, totaling a only maximum of 300 calories (and that's stretching it a bit.)

I still feel kind of cruddy about it and here's why. It wasn't planned, I didn't think out what to have, and it became a kind of feeding frenzy to get something satisfying in my tummy. I moved from one item to the next almost immediately. I am glad I had healthy (or mostly healthy) snacks around for times like these.

Thia was a real reminder that I shouldn't let myself  get so darned hungry in the first place! I didn't plan dinner.  My son had a baseball game right after work and I didn't prepare food or snacks, I was running late and I just grabbed a fast Wendy's salad. When I got home hours later I was ravenous.

I have written before about HALT (don't let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired) as these can be bigtime triggers for binging. Well, that still holds true and I have, once again, proven it to myself.

Again, 300 lowfat dairy calories filled with calcium, vitamin D, and probiotics/prebiotics isn't exactly a scale-breaker or a punishable offense. It's just a gentle reminder to keep planning ahead and to not let myself get into predicaments where I'm ravenous like that.

The good news is that I was hungry upon arriving at the house and not when arriving at the grocery store to shop. Have you ever shopped while starving? I believe that would have ended badly.  :-)

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