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Friday, April 15, 2011

Kashi, My Love

I love Kashi.  Their cute little TLC (tasty little chewy) snack bars had me at hello.  Their cereals and their trademark "7 whole grains plus sesame" are awesome "go-to" whole grain foods.  I have total respect for the Kashi company who brings healthy, wholesome, whole grain foods to the marketplace at a time when people like me are really just starting to understand nutrition.  Yay Kashi!

But really, I don't eat all that stuff except in a pinch (I carry a Kashi bar with me in case I end up delayed somewhere and super hungry).  I prefer to use my points on other things for the most part.  With one great exception:  Kashi's Mushroom Trio and Spinach Pizza. Mmmmmmmmmm.

I love this pizza!  It's quite tasty on its own, but since I love onion on a pizza I always add that before baking.  Cook time is a snap - just 8 minutes on the oven rack and you're good to go.  And it's HEALTHY PIZZA.  Check out the nutritionals below..... (yes, I made up that word because I like it!)

They say a serving is 1/3 of a pizza.  I do not know who they think they're kidding.  My serving size is one whole pizza!  It works out to be 19 Weight Watchers points.

Yes, that's high for a single meal, but not unmanageable.  I can creatively stay within my points for the day using all those yummy "free" veggies and fruits!  (Not to mention I still get a LOT of daily points.)

Those of you who have less points to play with will probably want to eat only half the pizza for a 10 point meal. While I still have a generous amount of points, though, I'm totally going to use them!

I know there's a lot of sodium.  I don't think one "pizza day" per week is going to kill me if I go slightly over on salt.  I'm usually pretty good about that (plus I don't have blood pressure issues, thank goodness.)

It's also high in saturated fat.  I assume they had to do that to keep the taste so yummilious.  It's a sacrifice I'm also willing to make. :-)

I don't do Domino's or Pizza Hut.  I seldom get Chinese delivery anymore, but when I do it's "bye-bye sesame chicken, hello plain steamed chicken with mixed vegetables."  So I feel pretty guiltless over this whole pizza matter.

The other fantastic thing is that you can eat it without even budgeting for it at all!  Weight Watchers gives us 49 weekly "splurge" points for those unplanned pigout days - days when we can't seem to stop grazing in the kitchen, or we end up at that coworker's lunch eating birthday cake.  If you ate the entire Kashi pizza for 19 points, you'd still have 30 left for those weekly extras.  That's pretty awesome!  So it's like pigging out without the pig.  Or something like that.

Anyway, love me some Kashi!  Bon appetit!


p.s. On the way to the table yesterday, I flipped my whole flippin' pizza upside down on the hardwood floor! Grrrrrrrr.  Notable points:

  1. The 5 second rule doesn't just apply to kids.
  2. Adding the extra onions is a tremendous help, because you can just scrape that top onion layer off and eat the stuff that originally came on the pizza.
  3. Everyone eats a pound of dirt in their lifetime anyway, and hey, it's ZERO POINTS.


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