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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Chatting with my friend Chrissy this weekend I was talking about my treadmill and I told her that I'm up to 4.0 for my regular speed (I'd started at a 2.0).  I told her that my new habit was listening to 80's music on FIOS TV while treading and that if I loved the song I would walk and if I really didn't like the song, I'd jog for the entire thing. Then I said "I wish I could sustain the jogging for longer than that because it feels like my body would prefer to jog than to walk."

I stopped talking and started laughing. "My body would prefer to jog than walk?" Seriously? Did I say that? Yes, yes I did.

And if I give it a little thought, there are lots of things I never thought I'd say or that I've never said before that are coming into my world based on this new lifestyle. Here's a partial list:

  1. My body would prefer to jog than to walk.
  2. Let's go for a bike ride! Or...
  3. Let's throw the bikes on the rack and head to....(wherever.)
  4. No sour cream and butter on the potato, please.  (I now love baked potatoes with salsa!)
  5. While talking to a girlfriend on the phone:  "Let me hit the treadmill while we're talking rather than just sitting on my butt."
  6. I need to get new shoes because all my shoes are TOO BIG! (and that's a fact!)
  7. I can't wait for the class reunion in 2013!  (mwaaaaahahahahahahaha)
  8. I don't want to eat it if it has no nutritional value for my body. (That's my real mantra now)
  9. I'm out of vegetables again!  (lol I have to go buy them every 3rd day!)
  10. I can see definition in my abs!
It's amazing how different my days are now than last year.

For instance, I now walk on the treadmill while watching movies. If I'm going to watch a movie, I don't want to waste the time just sitting there.

Seriously, has there been an invasion of the body snatchers in my home?

When I'm done working for the day I can't wait to pick my son up from daycare and get on our bikes if it's a nice day. There's a lot of places to go and besides, I really need to practice riding no-handed so I can take those turns better!  :-)

Here's a couple of other things that are jaw-dropping coming out of my mouth:

  • I will never date a smoker.  No way.
  • I won't date someone who isn't interested in physical fitness or being active.  He will need to enjoy walking, hiking, biking, swimming, running, tennis, softball, hitting the gym ---- some type or types of regular exercise.
Really. It's that important to me and I don't want to lose what is happening here. I want the opposite. I want to keep moving forward and be challenged to do more!

If this IS an invasion of the body snatchers, I don't want the old me back. I'm really digging this one!


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