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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Travel Gavel

I spent the last week traveling for work to the south.  Our hosts were incredibly hospitable, and in true southern style, they fed us frequently.  Unfortunately for me, everything that was offered was not conducive to weight loss or the healthy lifestyle I'm trying to implement.  

Our first night there was after 15 hours of travel and work, and involved fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and biscuits.  Yup, Kentucky Friend Chicken!  I had no choice that night, I was ravenous, so I made the best choice I could from what was available and went with white meat chicken and lots of green beans with a dab of cole slaw.  

Throughout the rest of the week they brought in danish and muffins, personal pan pizzas and subs, candy bar minis and bags of chips.  I was a little sad I couldn't have them at first, but then remembered two things:  

1. This was my choice.  I was CHOOSING to eat healthy, because I wanted to!
2. I already know what all those things taste like and how I feel after I eat them.

Those thoughts really put everything back into perspective, and so  I found a grocery store and brought apples, string cheese and yogurt with me for my own snacks.

I also managed to eat pretty healthy for breakfasts and dinners.  I think my greatest find was at Ruby Tuesday's.  They have a spaghetti squash meal with zucchini pasta sauce that was unbelievably yummy.  What's more, there's a Ruby Tuesday's in walking distance from my home so I have found another winner for when I go out to eat! 

At the hotel, we hit the breakfast bar a couple of times during the week.  Once I opted for the healthy continental side (fruit, yogurt, milk, cereal) and the last day there I went for the big buffet and had eggs, bacon, some cheesy breakfast potato thing, oatmeal and fruit.  I had extra points for the week and wanted to be sure to use them!  (With weight watchers, if you eat less than your weekly points, your body gets used to it and if you later eat all you are allowed, you can gain weight!  So it's always best to lose more slowly but eat all your points!)

I barely exercised all week, though, and I sat on my butt doing my work the entire time.  The only movement was getting up to go to the bathroom (no pun intended.) ;-)  I did hit the treadmill twice during the week, but that is nothing like what I do when I'm home.  So I was a little worried about what the real judge and jury was going to say when I got home......the dreaded SCALE OF JUSTICE.

Well...I got on it this morning and the verdict is in:

I lost 1.5 pounds!  I am stoked!  The pic above is me, sitting on a huge chair at the Knoxville airport.  I love those southern small airports.  They are so homey.  I had my coworker take a pic of me on the humongous rocking chair.  For one thing, it makes me look smaller since the chair is so big, and for another, it reminded me of Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann."  lol

So the bottom line lesson this week is this:  I can travel, make good choices, and stick with a healthy lifestyle.  It's not going to be "perfect," but life never is.  I worked my plan and clearly, this week, my plan worked for me!


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  1. Hi Carly, you are doing fantastic & looking that way too, you go girl. It's Barbwire from the Q :>)


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