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Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Engaged!!!!!

This is NO April Fools Day joke!!!

I'm really getting engaged in my physical fitness regimen and loving every minute of it.  


Ok.  That was a little April Fools prank.  I have a wonderful budding relationship with Carly, and I'd like to explore that a bit more before bringing complications into the mix.  :-p  

My trainer came this morning and we did measurements.  I'm down inches everywhere.  Upper arms, thighs, waist, pelvis, bust.   Of course, that helped motivate me to push even harder during the workout.  I can crunch better, lunge deeper, and I can't believe how high I can lift myself off the mat using just the abs.  Hell, 3 months ago I wasn't even sure I HAD abs!

I'm working from home and have a LOT to do, so there's not a lot of time for posting.  Everyone have a terrific day and I'd like to add one more lil thing....

Today I celebrate 17 months of being smoke free.  That helps so much in being able to actually DO exercises and get oxygen out to the body parts that need it!  So a nod to and Chantix, as well as a whole lot of wonderful quit buds who kept me on the straight and narrow.    THANK YOU!!!!



  1. Huge congrats on your quit and the inches lost!! You can have them back now, I don't want them! :O)

  2. lol No, Roberta, I insist you give them to someone else. You know, pay it forward! :-)


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