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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Who am I?  How am I defined?  How do you see me?  How do *I* see me?

What are the LABELS that have been used to describe me over the years?  Are there labels you are currently "wearing?"   What labels have you applied to yourself?

Fat? Chubby?  BBW?  Athletic?  Toned?  Active?  Couch Potato?  Woman?  Lady?  Mother?  Daughter?  Sister?  Friend?  Christian?  Employee?  Writer?  Goofball?  Whackjob?  Lazy?  Ambitious?  Intelligent?  Cool?  

My friend Ray wrote this a couple of weeks ago and I kept it.  It really, really hit home:

"I'm all for labeling yourself however you own experiences,past and present, have given me the realization that no matter how I choose to identify myself, ultimately, for me, its one's character that counts, not their category." ~Ray Schiel

I have spent my life being a "BBW."  In fact, in my high school yearbook under "Highest Aim" I wrote "Never having to buy Chubby Chic pantyhose again."  I've been labeling myself as "fat" for as long as I can remember being alive.

I think of people I have known throughout my life and what kinds of labels I apply to THEM.  Words like Kind, Considerate, Sneaky, Hateful,, Hurtful, Warm, Loving, Fun, Friendly, Angry, Manipulative, Trustworthy ..... all come to mind.  When I think about people in my life, I just don't label them tall, thin, black, white, gay, pretty, ugly, fat, or any other physical label.

So why do I always think that's what people do to me?  Sure, some very shallow people may look at the exterior and draw all kinds of wrong conclusions about me.  But people of quality look past that and seek the character of the person inside the shell.  So as I continue on this path I don't want to lose sight of what matters next right choices for living well....for being the kind of person I want to be....and I want to just let the labels fall off along with the weight until I am just me.  Label-less and free.



  1. You are you, special, wonderful and unique. You always have been.

  2. What the Brat said :)


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