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Sunday, April 10, 2011

50+ Pounds GONE!

I have now officially passed the 50 pound mark.  I have been waiting patiently (hehe, me? riiiiiiiiiiight) all week, knowing it was coming.  For a couple of days I was at 49.8 lbs. lost and I didn't want to celebrate until I really got there.  This morning I hit 51.8!!!

So how much IS 52 pounds?  Well, I'll tell you.  There are 4 sticks of butter (that's fat, right?) in ONE pound.  So to make 52 pounds, you would need 208 sticks of butter.

THAT is how much fat has melted off my body!  It's no wonder I am feeling so much better just doing daily things like walking, bending, etc.  Another way to look at it is I no longer have to carry around FIVE 10 lb. bags of potatoes everywhere I go -  all day, every day.  Not five of the little 5 pounders, but the big ones!

 I bet if you carried those around you'd get a little tired, too!  Now I'm thinking it's a wonder I've done all I've done these last few years.  Seriously.  I am just ecstatic.  This was one milestone I have been looking forward to for some time now.

However, a more important goal is 25 more pounds from now.  That's very significant for me and I'll tell you why when I reach it!

I have to remember to just keep making today's next right choices - this next meal - today's exercise, etc.  If I take care of today, the results will happen exactly as they are supposed to and I won't worry about how long that takes.  I am feeling different these days:  better, stronger, healthier, sexier, (yeah I said that), more confident, and better able to handle the stresses (and believe me, there are many) in my life.  All because of a few choices here and there that are adding up to a new way of life.

That's pretty freaking cool.



  1. Congratulations -- so awesome!


  2. Congratulations!! You look so great! Rhonda


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