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Sunday, July 21, 2013

20 Inches Gone in 75 Days!

Cardio matters.  Stretching matters.
Weight training matters,  
And sticking with it no matter what matters!

The numbers don't lie!  Since May 6th I am down:

Chest: 1.5 inches
Waist (above belly button):  5.5 inches
Stomach (at belly button): 5.5 inches
Hips: 3.75 inches
Thighs: 1.75 inches each

And total weight loss in the past 75 days (since April 15th actually) is 20 pounds for a total of 48 since January and 82 overall.

While this journey is definitely not all about the numbers, let's face it, measuring and weighing lets us know if we're moving in the right direction. AND HECK YEAH I AM!

I am heading out on vacation very soon and have a couple of goals in mind while gone. Two important ones are: don't gain back even 1/8th of an inch anywhere, and don't gain back even one pound.  

It's too exciting to see the results of all my hard work and dedication to blow it on a vacation!

My happiness doesn't hinge on the numbers, but I gotta tell ya.....I am pretty freaking happy knowing that.....ready for this.....those next right choices are adding up.  Or down, as the case may be.  :-)



  1. The numbers are validation for your choices. You have come a long long way and you have inspired others with each next right choice.
    Best part is how good it feels to have a healthier body. That is the best reward.
    I still like my numbers too. They do help with staying on track.

  2. You have also come a long way and have inspired others with each next right choice... Others like me!!!!

    And yes, having a more fit body means living a more fit and active life and opening up doors to activities I didn't even THINK about before.

    Life is FUN when we're out there LIVING IT! And dammit, we deserve that!

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    You are indeed moving in the right direction, well done you! and you do inspire others. Enjoy your holiday when it comes and I am certain you will only gain good experiences! D

  4. Thank you, D! :-)

    One bite at a time, one situp at a time, I'm getting there.

    It's actually getting where I can't wait to walk/job sometimes to get rid of the extra energy that's building up. Who knew THAT could happen? lol

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