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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Class Reunion, Part One

“Real nice party, Hapsburg. I see a lot of familiar face-lifts.”
Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell of Fear (1991) – Lieutenant Frank Drebin (Leslie Nielsen)

My 30 year class reunion is next Saturday.  I would love to say that it doesn't really matter to me what anyone thinks about the way I look, but that wouldn't be particularly truthful.  

I think if you were thin in high school and then gain weight, there's a panic about wanting to look like you did back then and that would have its own stress.

But I think if you were heavy in school and then show up 30 years later, still fighting that battle, it feels like a big 30 year very visible defeat.  In my mind I have been self-talking continuously since high school about how "this year" I am going to lose weight.  Year after year after year.  Ugh.

Everyone has their issues.  EVERYONE.  But people with eating issues (whether anorexia or compulsive overeating) wear theirs on their outer shell, displayed for all the world to see and comment about.  

I don't mind as much as I would have 10 years ago.  I have found the right path for me and I am very happy being on it.  I love my blog, sharing what I am learning, and feel pretty comfortable in my own (now excessive) skin.  It's been a hard fought battle to get where I am now and I'm not going to give up ground over old high school insecurities.

I am getting together with a group of women tomorrow for a 5k Mud Run (LoziLu) from high school in my own home town.  I haven't lived there since 1984!  I will be so much fun catching up. It's going to be a great time, a great week, and end in a great reunion. WHO we all are is what is going to matter.  That's where I am keeping the focus. 

I'll update you during the week.  I'm not sure what kind of signal I will have to get online....will try to do a daily blog though they could happen at night instead of in the mornings.

And I will certainly give you a Class Reunion, Part 2, once the grand event happens.



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  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    I have always thought that a food addiction is the worst type. You don't HAVE to smoke, you don't HAVE to drink alcohol, you don't HAVE to gamble, but you do have to eat. It must be awful, and the fact that people seem to think its okay to comment out loud and to your face! Bleh. Enjoy the reunion, you have nothing to feel insecure about. Cant wait to hear all about it D


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