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Monday, July 22, 2013

Preparing Success for Vacation

I am working on preparations for a vacation. Where I am going there will be no gym for workouts, no free weights, no DVD player for P90X, and the stores I am used to having so conveniently around me are going to be a good half hour a way.

What that means is I have to plan in advance how I am going to handle working out, how I am going to handle eating healthy, and how I am going to try to maintain some sort of routine to keep my momentum going and not lose my footing.

I have already started working out the details.  For starters, after morning workouts I like to drink a healthy smoothie.  And while I won't be adding my spinach in, there's no reason I can't bring a shaker bottle and stick with my routine.  So I have made up little containers with my Secure chocolate meal replacement shake, PB2 powder (low cal ground peanuts that tastes like peanut butter) and "Greenergy" green vegetable powder.  I am adding to my luggage a couple of single serving non-refrigeration almond milk containers and my shaker bottle.  Voila.  Done and done.  When I get groceries there I will get more almond milk to have on hand for the rest of the time.

I have mapped out the place I am staying and it is exactly 3 miles to walk/jog around the lake.  There is absolutely no reason, rain or shine, that I can't get in a minimum of 3 miles per day, and then do all the other fun things like swimming, water skiing, tubing, whatever else comes up.  

My goal is to return from vacation at least the same as when I leave.  Even better will be returning one pound lighter.  It's all in the preparation and deciding that's what I am going to do, purposefully.

I will eat a big fat juicy burger while I am there.  I plan on eating one meal at Dresser Hill - a place with some of the best fish and chips and homemade ice cream.  So I guess I better plan on 6 miles (2 laps around the lake) on those days.

The key is, for me, giving this thought in advance, giving myself permission to splurge but accounting for it, and not going into it unprepared and without a plan.  If I pull this off it's going to be a major win in the battle between the old Carly and the new "this is a lifestyle" Carly.  Guess who's going to win?

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  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin.

    Not that that applies to the New Improved You! I'm sure with the preparation you are doing for your holiday the very least you will do is stay the same. D


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