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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stop Eating CRAP

I have a guaranteed, one line sentence that can change how your body looks, how your body functions, and how you feel.  One sentence.  Do this, and you will turn everything around.  Ready?

Stop eating CRAP.

Yup.  Profound, isn't it?

Let's look at what that means, really.  All at once, or in tiny incremental steps, make the goal to eliminate (or drastically reduce) the following:

Eat less CRAP:
C - carbonated drinks
R - refined sugar
A - artificial sweeteners &colors
P - processed foods

Eat more FOOD:
F - fruits & veggies
O - organic lean proteins
O - omega 3 fatty acids
D - drink water

I have seen those acronyms all over the web (I have no idea who to attribute them to, however.)  They are used for fitness, health, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, fighting ADHD and a whole array of wellness topics.  

Why?  BECAUSE CRAP IS KILLING US!  All those items have no redeeming nutritional value, and deplete the body of its ability to heal itself and keep itself healthy and strong.  I believe that while the body is busy trying to get rid of all this CRAP, it is less able to fight off disease.  It is less able to effectively use the nutrition we do get from other foods.  It doesn't move things along properly.  It depletes us.

I also believe we need the healthy stuff.  And lots of it.  That includes organic pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, plenty of NON-GMO grains and meats where the animals are not fed GMO corn, olive and coconut oils, ground flaxseeds, wild caught salmon and other fish, and yes, plenty of water.

This isn't rocket science.

If we eat chemicals, refined sugars and flours, and non-food - we are not taking care of our bodies and we are making ourselves sick and unhealthy.  We should not be eating all the canned stuff, the high sodium stuff, the artificial preservative and coloring stuff.

We just need FOOD.  Without the toxicity.

Why is it so so so hard for people to believe this?  Why do people refuse to look at the reality that what we are eating, and what we are feeding our killing us.

The more I learn, the more I want to buy land and grow my own food, raise my own cattle and chickens, etc.  Unfortunately, I'm far too spoiled and well, lazy, to do all that.

So I WILL go to my local farmer's market, buy fresh local foods, search for Non GMO labels, spend most of my time shopping only the outer edges of the grocery stores (where the whole, real foods live), and try to eliminate the CRAP.

The less crap I eat, the less I want it.  And that's a very good thing.



  1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2013

    woo-hoo--i just started following the above, less crap and more food, and i really CAN tell the different, after only 3 weeks! :-)

    made an awesome pizza last night with flax seed meal and almond flour that my 12 yr old boy loved, and so did i---and it felt so good to know we were eating real food---AND that i had tracked my food earlier in the day so i could "afford" the pizza last night.

    yes, exactly, making the next right choice--


  2. Excellent. I'd love the recipe for the flax seed meal and almond flour pizza crust. I have bought almond flour but not started using it yet. I am moving to a gluten-free diet ever so slowly. Wheat is the enemy! :-)


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