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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Important Blog Announcement!

Due to changes in Google and their ending of the Google Reader many people use for reading this blog, I am going to be making some service changes soon that could affect your ability to get blog subscriptions to The Next Right Choice.

To ensure you get blog posts I make, please subscribe via email.

The blog post will come directly into your email in full (the only things that don't pull into emails are youtube links and videos when I add those.)

You can always click on the blog link contained in the email and it will bring you right back here.

You can subscribe by entering your email address in the box below:

Enter your email address:

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Your email address won't get spammed or shared - it will only be associated to my blog.

And then when I switch services, I can port the subscription list easily with me without skipping a beat.

They will send you a confirmation email that you will have to click to confirm.


(back to "regular" blogging tomorrow).....


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