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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10,000 Views, 10,000 Thank you's!!!!

I want to thank you for coming, reading, commenting, and walking along on this journey with me.  There have been 10,000 views as of today.  WOW!

Posting here is like chatting with old friends, and new friends.  I feel like there is some accountability for what I'm trying to do, but there is also compassion, understanding, and a whole lot of sometimes vocal, sometimes silent support.  I feel it.  I really do!

So thank you!

Today I had an awesome arm/back workout.  I can do more than I could when I started.  I can lift more, do more reps, and with more stamina.  My trainer was very pleased with me today!  WOOHOO!  My shoulders are becoming defined.  They feel good.  I've got to stop fondling them in public or people are going to start whispering about me.  teehee

And I jogged today for almost 10 minutes. Not "walked."  Nope, I really jogged.  I don't think I've jogged since I was a teenager, at least not on purpose.  Maybe running from the men in white suits, but that's another blog entirely.....

I think knowing I have this blog helps keep the momentum up.  I mean, what am I going to come write "Hey, today I laid on the couch eating bon bons?"  I think not!  So once again, thank you for joining me on this leg of my journey.  You are truly helping me!

*hugest hugs*



  1. (((((((Auntie Carly)))))))

    congrats on the 10,000 views :D (and congrats on the 40 as well! omg that's so awesome!)

    you're such a cool person. when i talk to you, or read your blog i just feel like i "know" you lol. that probably sounds all weird haha.
    you're just very easy to relate to, and you seem so honest.

  2. awww (((Twitch))) Thank you! If you stick with me a whole year, you may find out you know too dang much about me! lololol

    Auntie Carly <----you crack me up


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