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Friday, February 4, 2011

Grocery Shopping: Part 2

Groceries are freaking expensive these days.  Regular, every day, nothing special grocery prices have risen steadily for the past 3 years to a point where I don't even understand how people can afford to feed large families.  And healthy foods?  ¡Ay, caramba!

I don't even get that.  Artificial junk, with fillers and chemicals and additives and processed garbage which requires, um, processing.....all that is cheaper than foods that are just natural.  Foods that are NOT processed and added to and ruined cost more.  Go figure.

I am a BIG fan of GROUPON where they send out a daily email with the local coupon of the day.  A while back the morning groupon was for a year's subscription of the Baltimore Sun weekend edition, for the low low cost of $10.00.  (That really IS a huge savings!)  I don't care to read the paper (except during special times hehe) but I got thinking that the weekend edition coupons are amazing. 

I figure, if I can clip coupons, then shop places where they have double or even triple coupons, or wait until things are on sale, I could save a lot of money!  Especially on things I always need like laundry detergent, toothpaste, etc.  I'm not fussy about brands, so the sales would work for me.

What I didn't calculate into the mix is allotting time to actually look at, clip out, organize and use these coupons.  This brilliant idea comes from the same girl who has a trashbag full of papers I need to go through "one day."  I've been needing to do that ever since I left my ex, about 5 1/2 years ago.  This organizing idea also comes from a girl with 3 rubbermaid bins full of photos she's going to organize one day.  And the same girl who, on a whim, decided she wanted to take harp lessons.  She got the harp, signed up for a semester of harp lessons, then proceeded to take exactly two lessons.  Oops.  (The follow through on wonderful ideas isn't always there. :-)

Anyway, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  In this case, the picture is probably worth $100 bucks if I could only get clipping.  The process appears to have stalled.  And by "stalled" I mean I haven't cut even one out yet. I have a lady who comes in once in a while to help me organize my junk/ stuff/ papers/ clothes/ closets, etc.  I know she peeks in on this blog from time to time.  I'm thinking she's not going to like the looks of my living room chair! 

Carly <----waves to JoAnn...I'll be calling you soon! lol



  1. lmao, oh i loved this post!

    "What I didn't calculate into the mix is allotting time to actually look at, clip out, organize and use these coupons."

    poor carly!

    lol i remember when i first got my own apartment and was living on my own (with MUCH outside assistance from my parents! lol) i use to goto the store with absolutely no idea what food i was going to pick up. i'd just go in, throw anything that looked good into my cart, and move on.
    i'd be out of food (and 20 pounds heavier) within a week xP.
    it's so much easier to have a well thought out list (lol i use my ipad, and i always feel so "cool" using that thing in the store! haha), my money goes much, MUCH further, and i get a lot more food.

    then there's my parents.
    lol i remember this one time when i was out of food and STARVING, so i snuck over to my parents at around 2 am, and started to raid thier cupboards, and fridge.
    my dad slowly came out with a freaking bat! haha he thought he was being robbed.
    but it's as i always say.
    why buy your own foods, when you can just rob your parents?
    i seriously couldn't live without them! lol they're always helping me.



    enjoy them papers! lol :P

  2. Carly - Trader Joe's in Columbia is worth the trip. Great prices for produce, fish, nuts...all the good stuff.



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