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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ab Lounge 2

Just a little update about the workouts.  I still have my trainer coming 3 times per week but am about to start cutting that back to twice per week (after February, I think.)

I'm totally out of sorts because I have no idea WHAT to do on the off days.  My trainer says to keep doing the same things we do when we're together (practice, makes perfect), but that doesn't seem right, especially since I have SUCH limited time.  So today I did 20 hard minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the Ab Lounge 2.  If I'm not mistaken, I think what she wants most is for me to be sure to be doing something rather than relying on  just her visits for my workouts.  I agree completely but have had a hard time jump starting myself when she's not here.  I'm still thrilled that I have her coming here.  It would be so easy to just stop showing up and slide back into lethargy.  I don't want that!

I feel SO GOOD when I work out.  I love this feeling.  My legs are tightening up.  I can feel my butt muscles getting harder.  My pants are LOOSE.  Really!  The payoffs are darn near immediate at this stage.

Oh, and let me tell you...the ab lounge works.  I could feel it working and had to keep in mind how to breathe to reduce the pain!  I also googled how to use the machine and found out what to do to work the obliques (sides).  I tried it, but it didn't really feel like it was DOING anything.

Anyone have luck with the Ab Lounge 2?  Tips?  Suggestions?  I like it but not as much as this new move Nina showed me yesterday.  I think she called them military lifts.  I lay on the ground, on my back, and she stands over by my head.  I use my hands to hold onto her legs (ankles) while I lift both of my legs up and then back toward her and she swats my legs back down and I lift 'em back up again.  I could totally feel it working but for some reason I also could not stop laughing.  Probably the most fun workout yet!!!


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