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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Mint Green Dress

Can you remember feeling amazing in a particular outfit from years gone by?  I do.  One outfit was this mint green shirt dress from circa 1987. 

I was always a heavy kid, but at this time I had lost a ton of weight and kept it off for about 3 years.  (That record would never be broken going forward.)  When I wore this dress, I got so many compliments, mullet not withstanding.  (Look at me - business in the front, party in the back hehe).

I have looked at patterns online and Googled "shirt dress" trying to find a pattern in this same style.  Not that I'm going to attempt to sew, mind you.  I'd rather give myself a labotomy.  But I'd pay someone to make it as a reward for when I reach my goal.  I can't tell you what SIZE I will be when I reach my goal, or even what the final weight will be.  I'll know it when I am there, I think.

But I'd love to have this style dress.  It really accented the right places and made being 5' 10" seem okay.  (I have always had issues with being so tall, I never liked it.)  And I loved the color, too.

I think I may print this picture out and tape it to the refrigerator as a positive affirmation of what I am working towards.  I will never be 21 again, but I can definitely work towards being able to rock a shirt dress.   The sad thing in looking at this picture is that I really thought I was still huge when I looked in the mirror back then.  I NEVER felt even close to "normal."  Those distortions and filters are deeply entrenched, but this time, I'm getting rid of them for good.


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