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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Batwings Are Great For Batmobiles, Not Arms!

One of my biggest concerns with this whole weight loss/fitness path I am on is that no matter what I do, the floppy under-the-arms sag won't go away. I do know, and completely understand, that after losing such a significant amount as I will have lost by the end of this, there may well be "loose skin" issues that I will need to deal with.  That makes me sad, not so much because of how it looks, but because I did this to myself.  I can argue that I wasn't ready to lose the weight, I needed the food as comfort and now that I know better, I do better, etc., but the fact is, I have known for decades that the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight and that some parts just won't return to their original state.  Especially at 45.  There was a bit more hope when I was 30, I think.

Anyway, I have been reading and researching on how to give the batwings the boot (as much as possible, anyway.)  And it seems that cardio, overall weight training, eating more protein and less carbs, and burning overall body fat is the answer.  From everything I have read, there is no such thing as a way to get rid of fat in a concentrated area.  I read that targeted triceps exercises won't get the results one might expect.

Still, I love doing the arm exercises.  I FEEL like I am doing something proactive and that helps my motivation.  When Sergeant Major Nina arrived yesterday I was on the treadmill and the first thing she said was that she could really see definition in my arms.   w00t!  That's incentive enough for me to keep doing the exercises anyway!  I have NEVER had definition in my arms.  Hell, I couldn't even FIND my shoulder bone before and now it's starting to peek out and say hello! :-)

So I'm going to crunch and lunge and press and lift and squeeze and completely disregard my research that says doing so won't help.  I'm of the opinion that doing nothing is a guaranteed FAIL, and that doing everything I can will leave me feeling at peace, no matter what the outcome.

Get ready triceps, you may become the most clearly defined, toned and muscular flabbyflappers in history!



  1. One of my all time favorites today :)

  2. haha i soooo have this mental image of you in a batman costume atm :D


  3. That would be a Bat GIRL costume, thankyouverymuch. :-)


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