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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To Juice, Or Not To Juice

Everyone is juice crazy these days.

And so many juicers to choose from, too. There's the Breville (pictured), the Omega, the Champion, the Montel Williams' one, the Jack Lalane one (RIP, Jack) and the Lequip, just to name a few.

If you Google around there are a lot of detailed comparison charts, most of which are probably put up there by the manufacturer trying to sell you theirs.  :-)

One thing I like about the juicer craze is the "whole foods" concept.  Take a whole apple, a whole stick of celery, some whole tomatoes (we're talking stems, seeds, etc.), toss them in, and out comes a whole food beverage packed full of nutrition.  It's actually VERY healthy and a great idea.

But here's where it falls apart for me.  For starters, I didn't get obese by drinking too many times per day.  I got this way by eating too much.  Because I love to eat.  Therefore, if I am going to be consuming calories, by God, I'm going to EAT them and not waste them in a beverage that you can't even get to chew!

Secondly, the juicer requires you take the juicer out, take a bunch of steps (cut some things up etc.), pop them in, pour the stuff, drink it, then CLEAN UP.  Um.  No, thanks.  I can take the apple, eat it, and toss the core.  DONE!  I can eat the celery, eat the carrots, eat the tomatoes, etc. and get nearly the same nutrition and not have to do anything except, well, eat them!  That works for me!

I don't knock the juicers at ALL.  It's just that I want to eat, and I don't want to clean.  So I'll stick to the old fashioned way...and get those fruits and veggies in one bite at a time!


  1. Well eating the whole fruit or veg will certainly have you feeling full longer with the added benefit of fibre. Getting enough fibre can be a challenge when you reduce your food intake.

    Nothing against juicers but I do believe eating the whole fruit or vegetable is the healthiest option.

  2. A lot or calories for little fibre. Mind you an apple, a cup of green grapes and a slice of lemon in a juicer will kick any head/chest cold out the door. But thats assuming you are not getting much calories anywhere else as you are sick.


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