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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Managing Change

I was just telling a coworker yesterday that back when I did IT tech support, it would drive me bonkers when we'd upgrade software and people would freak out simply because of a change.  Sometimes change is good, but we get so used to things being a certain way, it becomes comfortable and people often prefer staying in the comfort zone.  (The reason I was telling my story in the first place was because the company upgraded our web access software yesterday and I was bitching about it - lol-  so ironic.)

Starting today (or more likely tomorrow since the weather's icy today), I'm going to be reporting to a different physical work location for the foreseeable future.  And while the change doesn't freak me out, it IS going to mean shifting schedules and routines.  I'm going to have to plan better each day what I will be eating for both lunch and dinner.  I'm going to have to closely coordinate my schedule with my son's activities to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  I'm going to have to see if my trainer can come 30 minutes earlier or somehow adjust my schedule and daycare options to make sure training doesn't fall away.

I could easily let this sudden shift derail me.  In the past, it would be a great excuse, really.  Who could blame me for pausing my efforts while I adjust to the new routine?  Well, I would blame me.  All this really means is that a new slight obstacle has presented itself and my job is to keep my focus and work around the changes, while staying the course.

Because I have MUCH bigger changes I want to see happen!  (And clearly, some of them have already taken place...starting with my attitude!  Yeee Hawwwwww)


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