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Monday, February 28, 2011

When The Going Gets Tough

My thighs and butt muscles are angry with me this morning.  As they should be.

Last week was a rough week.  Life piled stuff on top of me and instead of fueling myself with healthy fighting foods and working out even harder to sustain the energy and attitude I needed, I just crumbled and caved.  The cause and effect is staggering, and I'm going to call this a terrific lesson.

As the week went on, my food choices got sloppier and sloppier. Sure, I had my veggies.  Mostly.  And a little extra cheese here.  And there.  Then it was, "nawwww I'll pass on the salad" and then, oh heck, why NOT have sour cream on that potato?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, no exercise was getting done either.  And by none, I mean ZERO.  No treadmill.  No trainer.  Nada.

As the week continued, I had less and less energy to do the things I needed to tackle in life.  105 minute commute each way, mega concentration on work, my windshield broke, got a warning for not having my emissions done so I had to deal with that, extra forms and things for son's schooling, bills nearly past due that needed attention, the normal laundry, groceries, etc.  Demands-a-plenty at the 'ole Carly household.  

But here's the cause and effect.  The less I worked out or ate well, the less energy or desire I had to tackle what I had to tackle.  And the less I did what I needed to do, the less I felt like eating well or exercising.  It was a depleting downward spiral.

Interestingly, by waking up, eating my apple, working with "Da Boss" (today's nickname for Nina, my trainer), getting my son off to school and focusing on the work I need to do for the past hour (working from home today), EVERYTHING feels right again.

My attitude is good.  My energy feels good.  My concentration feels good.  My outlook is good.  The only down side is that we worked my legs like workhorses today and my thighs are not too happy with me for slouching off for a week.  My butt muscles ache already, and the obliques are cussing at me under their breath.  If they had breath, that is.

I didn't have to have an 'off' week to learn this lesson, perhaps.  But I had one, and I learned it.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is a popular saying FOR A REASON.  Ok.  Got it.  Awaiting instructions for the next lesson......



  1. I am soo glad ur back on track and happy. lifes lessons can suck. but ur a smart cookie. (haha) you have learned from the crappy week. so im looking forward to reading and enjoying the blog. Rhonda
    PS tell da boss to work u extra hard this week for slacking off.

  2. Sour cream is really ok, Carly, the secret is to have only the lowest of low fat content variety in your fridge. Same goes for all dairy really. Also, if you don't have naughty food in the fridge/pantry then you can't reach for it when you have those moments of weakness. x D

  3. I think you are doing a fantastic job! I can't imagine being a single parent and doing all that you do. What a great example you are for your son (and the rest of us).



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