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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Specs Appeal

Okay.  So needing glasses isn't something I'm thrilled about.  Sure, I look like a specs symbol, (ha!) but really, I think I can find a better style.  Or maybe lose them in favor of contacts.  I always loved seeing people in those color contact lenses that made their eyes jump right out at you.

This whole outer makeover isn't just about the fitness.  Remember, it's also about the hair, the dental work, a few cosmetic touch-ups, and yes, what to do about the glasses.  I need them for reading.  They are helpful when on the computer but not always necessary.  I seldom wear them while driving although they are "progressive" so they are intended to help with all three (near, mid, far).

I don't mind looking like the geekette that I am.  I mean, I do work with computers!  But I had never considered glasses as a fashion accessory.  I have reconsidered that, especially since when you go to fashion accessory stores these days they have all kinds of styles of glasses that aren't even prescription.  People are wearing them just for fashion!  I guess when you wear the right glasses you could look like you just came from Yale and not LensCrafters.  And some men find intelligence sexy.  I know  intelligence is high on the list of what attracts me!

Last time I went to get glasses, last summer, I asked for help to find glasses that looked good on me.  The early twenties gal helping me was really of no help.  She grabbed a few frames, and oooooo'd and ahhhhhhh'd over each one equally while I thought they all looked like old lady glasses.  (No offense, Mom. ♥)

I think Tina Fey is adorable in glasses.  (Love the hair, too, but that's another subject.)  I wonder if there are "glasses consultants" who can take your coloring, face shape, etc. and match you with the right frame style and color.  So far I've had no luck picking them myself.

So tell me.  Glasses or Contacts?  Dark and bold glasses or those clear ones you can barely see?

When I started on this journey in December, I thought I'd wait until I reached some major fitness goals before tackling the other cosmetic-type things.  But now I'm thinking, why wait for some unknown time in the future to start?  Why "reward" myself with looking prettier only when I've paid the price on the treadmill?  Why not start trying to look better NOW?  Maybe I deserve to make these positive changes now just because I want to look and feel better about myself.  Maybe I've already earned the right to feel good.  What a concept.



  1. I've worn glasses since I was about 10 and contacts since I was 18. I always have a pair of glasses as a back up and dread when I have to replace the frames.

    The last time I got new frames, I ran into the same 20 something clerk, who when I didn't go for her first couple of suggestions, passed me to another salesperson who did the same thing when I wasn't thrilled with her choices. They clearly didn't want to waste time on me.

    I finally found a pair I could stand and then the clerk told me that my lens were too thick for that frame, that it would be obvious that the lenses were rather thick. I told her I didn't care, I just wore glasses at night and as a backup to my contacts.

    I'm still wearing that pair of glasses and have never had trouble with the lens being too thick for the frame. And given the hassle of getting new frames, I'll wear this pair until they break.

  2. Glasses!
    I don't know why, but I've always had a fascination with glasses, and always thought people looked good in glasses.
    I use to wear sunglasses around day and night as a kid lol. . .my dad was always making fun of me for wearing them around the house at night.
    I was later thrilled in my teens when I found out that I was going to need to start wearing glasses lol. No one ever called me 4 eyes, but if they would've, I would've been proud! haha :P

    as for
    "Dark and bold glasses or those clear ones you can barely see?"
    well that I'm not too sure about. It's something you're going to have to figure out on your own by trying on some pairs of glasses till you find just the right pair you like.



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