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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I flipped a girl (And I liked it)

Yesterday was awesome

It's taken a while, but there is now a fully established pecking order in the house on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Cruella has established herself has the alpha cat.  

First of all, I love my workouts most of the time and yesterday was no exception.  The only days I don't like have nothing to do with the workout and everything to do with me not getting enough sleep the night before or being "off" somehow.  Nina is great.

So yesterday the training kicked up a few notches and in a few ways.  For one, she put weights back on my ankles (%^*^*&%&*^%!)  We're doing more reps (2 to 3 reps of 15 each for starters.  It used to be 12.)  And she wants me to start doing the exercises faster as well.  I love all of this.

Here's where it broke down yesterday.

She had me do a single move made up of two parts flowing together:  a deep lunge followed by a kind of ax kick.  I tried to find the balance but it wasn't working for me.  I tried doing it slow and almost toppled over.  I tried doing it faster and lost my footing.  I was getting more and more frustrated.  Then Cruella told me to put my hands on my hips (for the correct form) and I launched into some kind of unrepeatable tirade that included something about falling over and "I can't."

Then I got a little talking to.  She gently guided me back onto the right path.

My attitude got adjusted and I slowed down and ultimately got through the sets.  Whew.

I like to do things RIGHT and cannot stand to not "get it."  I have been pretty lucky in life to "get" most anything I tackle.  So what I have now is a determination to stay the course, slow it down, work on form, and GET IT RIGHT.

Meanwhile, Nina has changed things up a bit so we focus the whole hour on one primary area like legs, upper, abs, etc. (of course many exercises incorporate them all.)  I am seeing visible results now.  I snapped some pics of my legs in a mirror and looking at them I keep thinking, is that really ME?  Yes, yes it is.

I'm going to keep going.  This is not for the faint of heart.  But since my trainer seems to be quite skilled at ignoring my little tirades and keeping me on the straight and narrow, it's all good.  Love you, Nina!  ♥♥♥

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