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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Scale, My Legs, and some BMI info

I stepped on the scale this morning.  And I am UP three pounds.

I have to consider the week, and remember that not every week is going to bring a big scale victory.

I have to know that muscle is denser and heavier than fat, and be comfortable in the fact that I worked out really hard this week.

I have to move past the scale and look at NON scale victories I enjoyed this week:

  • I started doing more cardio
  • I was able to navigate some restaurants making really healthy choices
  • I was able to keep my emotions pretty steady this week
  • I was super focused and productive at work, probably in part because of the exercise and excellent food choices
  • My clothes are literally falling off of me.  In fact, I'll post a pic or two below to show the pant legs.  It's funny, really.

    Okay.  So the scale is a bit rebellious.  Maybe it's like the rest of my life modus operandi:  Backing up to get a running headstart?  Regardless, I need to stop stepping on the scale every morning.  I don't need something to emotionally derail me when I have been doing so freaking awesome!

    I'm going to blast this song right now and go hit treadmill for an extra 15-20 minutes on 4 (that's a super fast walk/slow jog for me).  I'll beat that scale into submission for next time I get on it!

    And something to make me feel like I really AM making progress - here are some leg shots, both in and out of the pants.  This will motivate me to keep going, even if the scale has betrayed me today.:

    No trick photography.  These really are my legs!
    The pant-legs are almost twice as big as my legs!

    Final note:  When I started this whole thing, my BMI was 45.9, which by some accounts put me in the "Super Obese" category.  I have now passed through the next category "Morbidly Obese" and am at a BMI that puts me in the "severely" obese category.  Ha..I'll take it.  At least I'm not morbidly obese anymore.  (Morbidly doesn't mean grotesque, like many of you might think.  It means at great risk of death).

    You know what?  I've got great legs for a freaking severely obese woman.  (Being 5' 10" has its advantages.)  If I keep up this pace, I will be teetering on the line between "regular obese" and "overweight" by the end of summer.  Woohoo.  That's my big goal right now.  To just be regular overweight like the rest of America.  LOL

    Come on scale, don't fail me now!!!!!



    1. looking good lover ya xoxox

    2. I have had the scales do the same trick on me. I weigh weekly and always the same day and first thing when I get up. I have weeks of gains or no loss but I took up the tape measure as well. The tape measure tells a much smoother story. The figures my tape gives me make a nice smooth downward graph. That helped me feel better about the blips on the scale.
      You are doing great.

    3. WOW Carly! I'm totally impressed and need to follow your example! I joined several years ago and did well, but broke and ankle and relapsed into old habits. You could write articles and be a real leader on that site!


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