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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy Girl's Guide To Groceries

First, I want to comment that my workout yesterday was the single best workout so far.  My trainer pushed harder, and I pushed myself harder than I ever have.  The room, the setup, the space, the vibe, the energy - it was all good.  I can't stress enough that making your environment FEEL good is important.  It made all the difference.

Second, I've been thinking about what kept me from eating healthy before now.  Of course, I could go into lack of education, lack of funds, lack of understanding, lack of motivation, lack of esteem, lack of faith, etc.  While all those played a part for sure, I want to throw in some accountability and own that laziness was also a factor (and continues to be an issue.) At the end of the day, I don't want to chop, dice, slice, cook.  I don't really want to shop, either.  But I really don't want to have to peel and dice and cook.

I've found so many ways to accommodate this laziness.  The following are the groceries I just bought after I finished work this evening.  I left the house at 5:45, picked up my son, hit the grocery store and was back home by 6:22 pm!  I just ran the outer edges of the store and grabbed what I needed.

There are organic tortilla chips with wholly salsa and wholly guacamole, steam-in-bag frozen asparagus, steam-in-bag carrots (I just eat them raw though), sliced cantaloupe (on sale because it expires in 2 days), raspberries and blueberries to toss in yogurt, steam-in-bag fresh broccoli and cauliflower, pre-chopped green peppers (fresh) and pre-chopped onions (frozen) as well as some organic apples.

It's all so convenient.  Open and eat.  Or toss "as-is" in the microwave and eat.  Couple the easy steamed veggies with a plain sauteed chicken breast, or add some nuked oatmeal to the yogurt and fruit for easy meals.

There's no shame in admitting I want convenience items.  When I buy the slightly cheaper items that require more effort, they often go bad and get tossed.  Now THAT'S not economical!  I don't throw away things that are super easy to eat.  Nope.  I eat them!

We can't fix what we don't acknowledge.  After working all day, I have too much to do (single mom, homework, errands, playing games, writing blogs, etc.) to be bothered with tedious chores like "fixing" dinner.  I'd much rather ASSEMBLE dinner.

Rather than keep trying to pretend I'm Suzie Homemaker able to act like both a stay at home mom and a career professional, why not embrace reality and make it all work for me?  Great idea.  I think I'll do that!!!



  1. I think I spend too much time on Facebook, I just had the urge to "like" this.

    Free4today - celebrating my 13 month anniversary today! Yay!

  2. Congrats!!!! w00t!!! That's awesome. (I wish most of the internet had a like button. I keep looking for them too lol)

  3. Finding what works for you is half the battle. It's healthy and it works - what more could you ask for?

    Keep at it - you are doing real good.


  4. Do you have a Trader Joe's nearby? If so, check out their frozen seafood. It is economical and packaged in perfect proportion for two people. It can be prepared straight from the freezer with very little effort (some come in a marinade).

    Fish is low in calories, high in "good fats", and and is at the top of the food chain for healthy food.

    I think you are doing excellent. But like my friend Joan Didion says "I Want A Wife".

  5. Love Trader Joe's --- I'll pop by there this weekend. They make a salmon steak with some spinach stuff in the center - sooooooo good. Thanks for the reminder! I also found the little deli near work makes a salmon steak with veggies and rice - had that for lunch yesterday and Mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. i keep fresh lettuce and greens in my salad spinner at all times, ready for a salad. i too hate to chop and dice. my solution has been to get some toppings from the groc store salad bar and toss on the salad. for two salads, i probably spend 1.25 in weight on the toppings. again, cheaper in long run because i use everything and don't have to buy a whole onion, tomato, green pepper, etc that parts would likely go bad!
    and good job on just going on outter edges of the grocery store. that's a key move! If i go down an aisle, i think about why before going and then GO for my coffee!! :)


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