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Monday, March 28, 2011


Holy Toledo!  I knew my clothes were getting too big for me to be attractive.  Pants have been pretty baggy but then, I do kind of like hiding under there.

This weekend I went through most of my clothes and discovered that a whole lot of them are ridiculously big.  Like - there's-no-way-on-earth-I-could-possibly-wear-them big!

Last summer I bought a bunch of (so embarrassed to tell you this) 5x outfits in Maine when I was up there for my nephew's wedding.  I was mortified, but hey, it was either that or go naked to the wedding.  I opted for the 5x's.  Yesterday, all the 5x's went to Goodwill.

At Christmas this year, my friend Chrissy took my son out Christmas shopping for me and they bought me some lovely blouses and sweaters...all 4x.  The 4x's were so huge when I tried them on yesterday that they fell off of me.  They had to go to Goodwill, too.

I had many 3x's from previous years.  I remember being so upset when I outgrew them.  When I tried them on yesterday, many were too big and had to go!  I did keep some because "roomy" is also "comfy".

I went to Fashion Bug on Saturday and bought a blouse and skirt,  I might add I haven't worn a dress or skirt in a couple of years.  For some reason when I gained all that weight I just hated the idea of a skirt.  So just the act of buying a skirt is very telling about this whole process.  Anyway, the size is...drumroll.....2X.

I haven't worn a 2x in a very long time.  Confidence up.  Scale down.  And I'm down with that!  Baby steps, next right choices, one day at a time ADDS UP!  WOOHOO!!!!



  1. Way to go! Besides being healthy being down a size (or 2!!!) is the best reward!!!

  2. bee-yoo-ti-ful

  3. (or 3, but who's counting? hehe) Yup. Feels pretty good. I'm kind of walking with my shoulders back and a little zip in my step today. :-)

  4. You look great in a skirt lady!!

    Well done - all your hard work is really paying off!

    Keep one pair of your old trousers so when you reach your goal weight you can do that photo with you holding the waistband out and looking really smug!!


  5. Looking great, Carly! I love the happy & confident color. It's only three months into the new year and the new you is shining through. Keep the momentum going forward!!!

  6. Thanks guys. I'm feeling pretty darned happy today.

    LOL@Amanda about the photo holding the waistband and looking smug. You know I'm going to do that! lol


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