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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Purging Your Life

"Jolene", my organizer, gets a little worried when I get into a "purging" mode.  She said with most people, they hang on to too much stuff.  With me, she said I scare her because when I want to purge, I REALLY want to purge.  If I don't like the couch, I'll want to get rid of it.  Or all my clothes.  Or.....whatever.

I think there's something incredibly therapeutic about purging out of your life those things that you don't like, the things that are holding you back or weighing you down.  Logic has nothing to do with it.  Being practical has nothing to do with it.  In fact, the "logic" of hanging onto "stuff" can sap my energy and deplete my creativity!!!

I've held onto "things" because I "should" ('should' is a life-sucking word) for far too long.  I'm purging my body of the fat I've held onto which is literally weighing me down and I'm on a mission to purge my house of anything I've held onto that is also figuratively weighing me down.  If I walk into a room and there are visible things that I really don't like, it brings me down and sucks a little life out of me.

For example, a had a piano for a few years that I liked when I first got it.  It was a huge dark brown, scuffed up student piano (probably came from a school) and after I divorced it brought some music into my life.  It was good.  But since I moved into this tiny little ranch-style home, I haven't found a place for it that doesn't make me cringe.  It's too big, too old, too dark brown, and frankly last fall when I had a few mice in the house I saw one come out from underneath it and I haven't gone near the piano since.  (Silly, maybe, but it's true.)  I came to really dislike the piano and every day when I came home I saw it the moment I walked in the door!  Seeing it literally made me cringe.  But I held on to it because I felt I "should."

I put it up on Craigslist last week and it was gone the next day.  What a relief!  It brought freedom!  I don't need to hold on to "stuff."  It's just STUFF!  I'll get another piano one day.  Something small, and cute, and I will love it.  I want to love what I have and not just have it because it was given to me, or because I feel I "should" keep it.

Life is way too short to let anything bring us down.  I want to release everything that holds me back or brings me down.  That includes bad habits, my weight, my attitudes, tightly held but wrong beliefs, and STUFF.  I want to walk into a lighter life, if that makes sense.

Well, it does to me.  ♥♥♥

btw: There is a company that helps you purge clutter, organize your stuff, and help get it under control.  CLUTTERBUSTERS is great for reorganizing closets, rooms, repurposing rooms, tackling the garage, purging for a move, etc.  I use an organizer a couple of times a year because I was NOT born with an organizing gene whatsoever and it's OKAY to ask for HELP!  Just sayin'.


  1. Good one Carly! I think we're on the same page with the clutter aversion. I'm just slower and doubt we have access to a professional organizer here in small town Iowa. So I'm off to putter with my clutter again today. BTW, keyboards are nice and don't take up so much space.

  2. Your post touches my very core. Good way to think about our 'stuff', how it really does hold us in the past. Let go and let God, as we 12 Stepper's say!


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