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Friday, March 18, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands! 3/18/2011

(Gotta watch the video....)

I haven't actually had this much fun on a bicycle in DECADES. My son and I rode all over the neighborhood tonight after work. He started riding no hands and I told him I used to do that. In fact, I SHOWED him I used to do that! I couldn't believe I could still do it! LOL

I'm telling you, that was a blast. I am so glad I got the bike. I have goals for it.

There is a bike trail very close to my house and it's 13 miles down the trail from my house to a beach in Annapolis, MD. My goal now is to build up the stamina and butt callouses (hehe) necessary so that by the end of this season my son and I can bike down there, have a picnic, and come back, for a total of 26 miles.

Whaddya think? Think I can do it?


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