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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Couch Potato Update

I found some free podcasts for the Couch-to-5k program.  These can be put on any mp3 player or iPod and can be downloaded by this link (look on the right when you click on the link and you'll see a place for downloading) or you can search for "couch to 5k" in the iTunes store under "podcasts," also free:

There seem to be two versions when you Google around.  This link is for a British female voice which I happen to like.  The other is a male voice.

She tells you when to start your brisk walk, when to switch to a light jog, when to slow down and recover for 90 seconds walking again, when to jog, etc.  Fabulous!

So this program is intended for you to stay at one level, three times a week, and then upgrade to the next level the following week, for a nine week total program.  I plan on doubling that and when I am struggling with the level I'll triple it.  My 5k isn't until October 29, 2011 so I have plenty of time!

I listened to Week 1 and it seemed very doable.  Heh heh...yeah, I sat on my butt listening to it thinking "this seems pretty easy."  What a dork.  I'll come back and update this blog once I've actually done the thing.

My plan is to do this on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I work out (weight training/trainer) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I think I will leave Sunday as my day of rest.  ♥♥♥


  1. Next time do you want me to listen for you? ;p

  2. lol Would ya? That would help a lot... ;-)


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