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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apologies to Nina, My Trainer

First, I'd like to apologize, deeply, for telling you yesterday that I wanted to punch you. Of course you realize I don't really want to punch you. Not now, anyway. Yesterday was a different story. (I am so glad you have a sense of humor!!!)

Secondly, I want to show you that I made a full 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning.  What I lacked in desire this morning (all I really wanted to do was sleep in), I made up for in commitment.   Therefore, I will have a little more energy to meet you head on tomorrow.  BRING IT!!!!

Carly <--- gluton for punishment

I can't believe that 30 minutes on a speed setting of 3.0 only burned 120 calories.  That only covers the apple I ate this morning.  I'm going to stop looking at the calorie part and just focus on the miles and time.  My goal is going to be 30 minutes per day, no matter what.  No matter what comes up and even if I have to do it at 11:00 p.m., I want to get that 30 minutes in.  I can't say I like it yet.  I can't say I'm looking forward to it or that it feels amazing.  But I can say I'm going to do it anyway, and hope that at some point I'll get excited about it.  :-)

On the upside, I watched an old "I Love Lucy" episode while treading and it's one I hadn't seen before.  So that was good.  On the downside, I left the flipping remote on the other side of the room so I couldn't turn it up loud enough to hear it.  I was afraid to stop the treadmill and get back off - afraid I wouldn't get back on.  lol

My black mat came in via Amazon yesterday and I have it sitting in my "workout room" now and it looks good in there!  I think taking it out of the box and setting it down counts as part of a workout.  I may want to step that up a bit though.  Let's see if this evening I can do some donkey kicks or hydrants or something.  Yesterday Nina had me do something that worked the glutes and I had a glimmer of hope that I might end up with a shapely derrière.  But I can't remember what we did.  I think I'm going to Google it.  Let's call that a secondary goal!  Buns of Steel!!!!


  1. Those calorie counters are always misleading. One some machines you can rack up 400 calories without breaking a sweat and it seems on other machines you can only hit 200 calories with the same effort. Can you ask Nina what her thoughts are on this? It's always been a mystery for me.

  2. Calorie counts on machines usually assume you are an average 170 lb, 25 year old male..

    If you want a true calorie count you need to get a heart rate monitor that takes into account your heart rate, age and wieght.

  3. Thanks Anonymous! :-) I wonder if there's a is my friend...

  4. who counts calories anymore?
    exercise, eat unprocessed foods, be happy, and everything will fall in place, both inside and out!

    can you guess who is writing this?

  5. i can already see a noticeable weight loss on you. that is amazing. u are so commited. and looking great. YOU are awesome.
    P.S. we can gang up on Nina next time she pushes you too hard. I got your back girl.

  6. LOL Rhonda. Nina may be a lot smaller than us, but she's powerful, trained in martial arts, and I surely won't be messin' with her LOL

    Thanks on being able to see it. Frankly, my pants are already a little loose. Gonna blog about that soon, too! Crazy!


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