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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Grinch Returns....

I do not know what happened this morning.  I felt all discombobulated.  I couldn't seem to do an exercise right.  Kept losing my balance.  Didn't feel the pull in the right places.  Was a bit snappy, I'm sure.  Nothing made sense in a single exercise I did!  The arm lifts and leg lifts all felt foreign, even though I've been doing them for 2 weeks!

What the heck is that?

I'm hoping it was because I had two days off (though I did ice skate and treadmill).  I also think I may have been off since I didn't get up as early as usual and felt very overtired.

I don't know...going to try to get my act together.  It's WAYYYYYY too soon to get frustrated already! lol



  1. Dont let 1 bad day ruin your mood. we all have them. Nina will be with you tomorrow. And get you back on track. Rhonda

  2. I've been having the idea that I want to follow along with your work outs. Can you post your excersise routine once in a while? My gym workouts have been in a rut as I have no direction and I want to be as ripped as you are.

    I hope Nina doesnt mind that she is not getting paid for me!

  3. Did you find your groove for the Wednesday morning workout?

  4. @Rhonda: I'm back on track starting tomorrow morning! Fo' Sho'

    @scout: I'll try to do that! It will be a good kind of chronicle of how I get where I'm going. I won't be able to describe the exercises too much. I can't barely DO them, let alone explain them LOL

    @Cathy: Wed, no. Friday got snowed out. Tomorrow, back on track!


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