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Monday, January 10, 2011


The last time Cruella DeVille my personal trainer was here I got what you could call an education by experience.

She was forcing me to lift my body in such a way that I was pretty certain all of the muscles in my torso were ripping right off the bone, permanently detaching.  When I pleaded with her and explained the agony I was experiencing, she did not tell me to stop.  Instead, she said, "It's because you're not breathing right."

Two words flashed immediately across my mind, and they were not "thank you."  I was angry.  Did this woman not hear me?  Did she not understand my pain?  Was her ultimate goal to send me to the emergency room?  In my anger I gulped in a huge breath of air and on the lift I exhaled it all, all at once.  AND THE LIFT DID NOT HURT AND IT ACTUALLY FELT GOOD.

That will become, I believe, a vital part of my training going forward.  When things get tough, breathe it out.  I have always been a person who holds my breath when things get rough.  When I go for a shot, I close my eyes and hold my breath until it's over.  When taking a sliver out of my finger, I hold my breath.  Going forward, I am going to really focus on my breathing and make it a key part of my activities.  It's also going to help strengthen my lungs since prior to 11/1/2009 I had smoked for 3 decades.  This really is becoming a complete health overhaul from head to toe, and I'm loving it!


Since it's related to breathing...... my son was born a 30 week preemie.  A little GI Joe, he was.  I know in my heart he was a preemie in part because I smoked while pregnant.  There is no "do over" button, and I thank God he is a healthy awesome boy, but it could have ended very, very badly.  I made this video as a bit of a public service announcement against smoking while pregnant, hoping it might help at least one mom and her unborn baby.  My son and I are sprinkled in there....

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