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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Somewhere in the early 90's I discovered the Internet (back when it was text and DOS based!) I don't mean I invented it; we all know Al Gore did that!  The night I popped in that free AOL CD I ended up staying online until 4:00 a.m. researching a disorder with which a family member had been diagnosed.  I was blown away by the copious amount of  information I found at my fingertips.  I became instantly addicted.  

I have a good friend who calls herself (and me) an "Information Ho" and I'd say that's about right.  I have lived on the Internet ever since to some degree.  I haven't watched tv with any regularity (except American Idol the year David Cook won) for many years.  I have never watched a single episode of Lost, 24, NCIS, Sex in the City, Dexter, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, or The Sopranos.   I'm okay with that.

I'm a techno geekette and I'm "plugged in" pretty much 24/7/365.  I carry my HTC Evo everywhere with me and that means instant access to the Interwebs, my email, chat programs, weather, news, sports---even my weight watchers points values are calculated on the fly thanks to a 'droid app.  I'm tuned into that little alert and flashing green light on the EVO that tells me something happened (a new email, a chat request, etc.)

The past few days, however, I've been missing in action.  Dealing with an onslaught of life's zingers, I have been unable to keep up with my normal geek stuff.  And when the flu hit, one of my friends suggested I "unplug" for a while and just rest, watch TV and relax.  It dawned on me then that I NEVER unplug.  I can't think of the last time I just sat and watched a TV show and even when I did, I'm sure I had the EVO in my hand in case it beeped.

As much as the 'Net is a great escape for me, and a place where I feel I thrive, I think I need to remember life is lived in the 3D world where real hugs happen, where treadmills spin and memories are made.  I didn't make this a goal at the beginning of the year, but it occurs to me that in order to meet all of my aggressive goals for 2011, I'm going to have to add one more:  limit computer and EVO time!  Part of this "whole life" makeover is that I want to reach out and have more "real life" contact with people.  That's kind of hard to do from behind a computer screen.

How much time do you spend online?  On the computer?  Do you have an iPhone or Droid and do you find yourself "plugged in" all the time?  Are you okay with that?  Inquiring minds want to know.....


  1. if i'm not on my computer, i'm using my ipad.
    if i'm not on my ipad i'm using my motorola droid.
    if i'm not on my droid then i'm going INSANE from lack of internets!
    i don't even watch television anymore. it's much easier just to use ;P

  2. LOL Twitch. Exactly. haahha omg. You're not helping!

  3. And you can't take pictures of nature from your computer chair.

  4. i'd like to disagree with you there.
    all i have to do is:

    1.) goto

    2.) search for "nature pictures"

    3.) click on a picture, then click on "Full-size image"

    4.) right click "save image as"


  5. I used to be at my desk 24/ even when I was just writing in WordPad/Word, I had 'Net access just a click away. I now run two screens to spread things out a bit (used to be three), but when I saw the Lilliputian monitors at I just about came unglued with excitement! However, I had to draw the "reasonable" line. That meant making the rule: "No portable internet access.". That way I can keep some semblance of balance to my life and days. I carry only a little Samsung Alias,I simply don't pay for a data plan.

    But it is still just to easy for me to play the recluse. Even if I am not at my desk, I can avoid interacting with people in the 3D world by either remaining totally wrapped up in my own personal stuff, by intimidating others into keeping a safe distance from me in public and by not developing a "social circle" (since family and friends have excommunicated me from their lives, that isn't a major issue for interactions nowadays)of work associates.

    I need to address the trust issues that this all stems from......I'm just not quite sure how to do that. But as for the Internet Addiction, until they come out with an IAAnonymous.....guess I'm just gonna hang in there and keep trying my best to keep it in check.


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