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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diet Tip #382 - It's Not Just About What You Eat

A friend posted this pic from Demitri Martin on Facebook today and I loved it.  I thought if I ate all my meals using these implements I'd probably lose a few pounds.  :-)

Then I got thinking about how I eat.  I wasn't really all that aware about how I eat until I was recently watching my son eat.  As he was very rapidly shoveling food into his mouth I became increasingly agitated and maybe even angry.  I told him to slow down.  To set the fork down in between bites.  Close his mouth.  Stop making noises. To chew properly (crunch, crunch, swallow isn't good least chew 20 times or more, son!)

And while I was saying all these things I became even more frustrated and uncomfortable as I realized I was echoing my parents' words to me when I was younger.  Then I really stopped and tried to pay attention to  how *I* was eating and it was probably almost as vociferously and my heart sank.  What on earth have I been teaching this child?  Then I thought, well, maybe there's still time to save him from a lifetime of doom - and it has to start with my being the example, being the role model.

So henceforth and hitherto (blah blah blah) I declare I am going to think about my food while I eat it.  I am going to think about how I am eating the food.  Am I putting the fork down in between bites?  Am I enjoying it or shoveling it?  Am I taking time to see, smell, taste, enjoy the textures and colors?  Am I distracted by the TV or lost in my own thoughts and not really enjoying the meal?

I also feel the panic of time slipping away.  My son is 11 and it won't be long before he won't want to sit around and eat with Mom anymore.  So I want to really make mealtime more special.  I want to focus on him, our conversation and leisurely enjoying the time rather than rushing through.

It really isn't just about what you eat.  And I'm going to try to really be mindful of that going forward.  ♥


  1. Carly, that is a wonderful point. To enjoy your dinner slowly and to make it a great time for you and your son. You really only have a limited time with Andrew being at the dinner table with you, willing to talk about his day, friends or his classes. etc.. Dont let this time with him slip away. You are very wise for your age. I love reading your blog.I learn so much from your thoughts and comments. Rhonda

  2. Very good point. I know I am guilty of careless eating. Eating fast and consuming more than necessary because I'm not giving the food enough time to talk to my stomach to tell my head I'm full.

    At our house, in order for meal time to be more about family time, we have to have the TV off. I think TV is a big distraction, although I love it, it distracts me from living life, instead I sit and watch others live life. Kind of weird.

    Knowing something and believing something and doing something all take very different skill sets.

    Onward and upward - lead the way Carly!



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