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Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Moving!

I have tried for years, unsuccessfully, to get into some kind of exercise routine.

I bought a rickety Walmart treadmill in '06, used it a few times sporadically, then when I bought this house, I gave it away on  I have tried getting up and doing Richard Simmons' Sweating to the Oldies in the mornings, but always used the excuse that I'd wake my son up.  (I put in a link to his full DVD is actually fun and I might do a little of that going forward because I love the oldies music).

I have paid for a membership at Gold's Gym for going on 3 years now.  I have literally worked out there twice.  That's TWO TIMES.  I didn't want to cancel the membership because in my psycho brain that would mean I was giving up on myself.  So I paid for nothing.  They even have an awesome built-in daycare, but since my son goes to another daycare after school every day, it felt 100% wrong to stick him in another one at night.

I bought a bike two years ago.  My son and I went for exactly 4 bike rides.  Then somehow I forgot all about it and it got left in the rain to rust.  I gave it away on freecycle also.  (Note:  If you have never tried you have to!  People like me give away nice stuff all the time just to get rid of it.  And if you have stuff to get rid of, from broken TV's to free sample things you get in the mail to old broken furniture, there's usually someone who will take it off your hands and come right to you to get it.  It rocks and keeps stuff out of our landfills!)

The bottom line is, nothing I have done has been sustainable because on my own, I just cannot get it together.  I'm not ashamed to say that, either.  If I had a workout partner I'd do so much better.  (I belonged to Bally's Total Fitness in the 90's and went 5 times a week with a lady I knew - a workout buddy REALLY helps.)  But I don't have one now, and NOW is when I want to get moving.  So I did some research and have found my solution for 2011.

This morning, at exactly 6:30 a.m., I am going to meet my new personal trainer from Team Fitness America.  Starting today, and going through the end of the year, I have committed to an in-home personal trainer.  It's bringing the gym to ME!  Whether I had equipment or not didn't matter; they bring whatever they need to help me reach my fitness goals: balance balls, resistance bands, free weights, etc.  If you have equipment (and I do) they will incorporate that into the mix.  For instance they may work with me on free weights Wednesday and then instruct me to do 45 minutes on the treadmill Thursday.

I am psyched to get this started.  I have arranged my addition/dining room in such a way that it's pretty much going to be the gym for a year.  Who cares? I don't get company here anyway (really.  Ever.) So why not?  I have more arranging to do, but for this morning I have my treadmill and exercise bike cleaned of all holiday remnants, I have a 6' x 6' wide open area for moving, and a tv and dvd player in there for ole Richard (or whomever.)

I know I can't lose weight or get fit without movement and I remember years ago (two decades, yikes) when I LOVED working out - so much so it was almost addicting itself.  I really, really want that back.  In addition to the fitness, I understand that physical activity can help significantly with reducing or alleviating depression and even PTSD (I am a sufferer) and anxiety.  And I really want get rid of them.  They're in the way of my goals and they have got to go!

If you're interested in inquiring about Team Fitness America, I know they operate in 17 states and have different rate plans depending on how many sessions you want.  If you inquire, seriously, tell them that Carly from "" blog sent you!  Here's the gentleman I have been working with since last summer!  (it takes me a while to gear up for something, but once I commit, look out! lol).

Michael Singleton
Team Fitness America
888-348-2629 ext. 709

Last point this morning......

I am not a balanced person and if I could choose it, I would quit my job and do nothing but work out and diet all day long all year long.  But I'm not independently wealthy and despite my excitement, my JOB has to be my NUMBER ONE priority this year because without it, I have no food, shelter, safety, security, etc.  So I want to just mention that part of this 'workout routine' is going to be pre-planning at night what I am going to wear to work, (and ironing it, etc.), and what I am going to eat the next day (and getting it ready) so that having a personal trainer doesn't get in the way of my priorities.

I have no idea what having a personal trainer is going to be like because I have never had one.  But I'll surely let you know as we go!

Happy Monday!



  1. That sounds like a good idea! I must admit I feel more motivated to exercise if someone else is involved - I hate letting folk down. Exercise can be addictive, in a good kind of way. The results feel good and you start to want that kind of "good" on a regular basis. Let us know how the personal trainer went.


  2. I'm excited to hear about this first session!

  3. Onwards and upwards Carly!

  4. Or downwards, Ray, in scale speak! hehe

  5. NEVER get company? Oh.I see how it is. I stay over at your house twice, but now I'm all yesterdays news. Chopped liver. Now it's all about "Miiiich-aeeeeeel, the Personal Traaaaaaaainer". Fine. See if I care. I have other friends, the ones you are casting off in favor of this new "Miiiiiiich-aeeeeeeeeeel" guy. I'll tell Ben and Jerry to come stay with me. We'll have fun together. We'll show you. hrmmmmph.

  6. lol Munchie. I think I need to be careful with those superlatives. I ALWAYS do that.


  7. Oh. And my trainer's name is Nina. ;-p


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