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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Before and Now PIX

December 1, 2008 versus Jan 18, 2011 (30 lbs. lost and 2 years older!)
If I Can Do It, ANYONE (Including YOU) Can Do It!

So this is a good time to pause and do a quick "before and now" comparison.  It's certainly not a "before and after" because frankly, I have a LONG way to go.  Still, I think there are some noteworthy differences to talk about.

For instance, my eyes.  When I am eating processed/refined junk, I get puffy and look so unhealthy.  One of the first things to be affected are my eyes.  Look on the left how you can't even see them!  That has everything to do with what I eat, not so much how much I weigh.  Really.  It's like two different people and I assure you, I'm not Sybil.  :-)

The second thing is the skin tone.  I have a kind of dingy tone on the left and a healthier glow on the right.  My body likes the food it's being fed and it enjoys the cardio and weight training!

But to me, what I notice most is the smile.  I have one on my face a LOT more these days.

I have a long way to go and of course, you're not seeing the whole body shots yet.  I want to wait until I have a better difference to show you.  For now, if you scroll down on the right you'll see a slideshow of "Before and Now" pics which I will keep updating with more current photos.

I'd like to say I'm only doing this for the health benefits, for being able to get around better, for doing more with my son, etc.  While those are all true, I'd be lying if I didn't say there was some vanity thrown into the mix.  I have felt unattractive physically most of my life.  Imagine becoming my prettiest at the age of 45?  Heh.  I can not only imagine it, I'm doing it!  ♥


  1. I see you got the blog roll to work :-)

    As far as your before and after picture... big difference. I always love looking at the before and after face pics of myself. It's where I can see the biggest difference. Keep it up!!!

  2. Thank you!!! Yes!!!! And I hope folks check your site's excellent! :-)


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