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Sunday, January 16, 2011

If It Doesn't Help, DON'T DO IT!

Sometimes I wonder what the heck my problem really is.  Why do I occasionally sit here and watch myself walk right into the oncoming train?  I know something isn't good for me.  I know it doesn't feel good.  I know it won't get me closer to my next goal.  AND I DO IT ANYWAY.

It could be anything - like walking into the kitchen for an apple and coming out with a bag of chips (that sounds almost cute.  I should rephrase it.  It's like walking into the kitchen for an apple and coming out with a bag of chips, a hunk of cheese, a soda and some chocolate and thinking "I'm going to regret this.")  Then going ahead and eating it anyway.

Or watching the Christmas decorations sit there while I piddle around online.  The day is going to be over and I'm going to be thinking, in a pseudo-panic, "Oh my God, where did the weekend go?" I'm typing this now and, of course, they will still be sitting there, waiting to make the trip to the attic, at 7:00 pm.  Still.

When I quit smoking one of my quit buddies from used to say to get rid of any unhelpful thoughts.  If unhelpful thoughts enter your head, just, well, get rid of them.  The same logic SHOULD apply everywhere.  If you are doing something unhelpful, STOP DOING IT.  Or if you start getting into some "stinking thinking" that could derail you, just stop it!  It sounds so simple, and it is.  It's simple to grasp, harder to implement.

For all the troubles I have overcome in my life (and there have been many), I think those I create for myself may be the hardest to overcome and deal with. Why do I take a perfectly good, normal day, and waste half of it and then get myself all in a tizzy over what I didn't do?  I don't know.  I don't really feel like exploring it today.  I kinda just feel like going to hang out on Facebook.  While I finish off these cheese and crackers.  Dammit.


  1. My thoughts: You're pooped out from yesterday's ice skating. Had the fun and the exercise, and you sat for a bit today. The excitement drained away, and lack of further activity made the drain feel worse... so you sat more. The more you sit, the worse you feel, and the less you feel like getting up. So it's time to get up! Just for fun, hop on that treadmill for just 15 minutes. You'll feel better about th cheeze and crackers, and may even find the 'oomph' to get those decorations put away later! :)

  2. Hey now....that's guuuud. It's 6:00 pm. Will hit 15 min. on the treadmill before 7:00. :-) Thanks, Lucy! Sometimes there's no internal oomph so I need to get a boost from y'all! :-)

  3. Carly, just wanted you to know that you`re loved. You are funny and sweet and kind and I love you :)

    The Third

  4. ROFLMAO OMG "The Third Wife" HAHAHAHA You rock!

  5. Heading to the treadmill in T minus 6 minutes....

  6. And yet again....we are polar opposites. You need to lose, I need to gain. You are "...something unhelpful, STOP DOING IT!" and I'm being told by my Psychologist, "Whatever you're doing, just do it." I'm PTSD and ADhD. PTSD works against ADD as if you can't maintain a focus to begin with, freaking out about it certainly doesn't help any. But, what I've learned from you is this: Our issues may not be the same...but the life lesson . Find what works the BEST for you, and just do THAT. Do WHAT is your personal VERY best...and you are BOUND to become a BETTER PERSON.

    Maybe someday I can be at least half as good as you are already.


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